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Region: Mirror World

Long Gravida wrote:The Imperial State reaches out

Hello and Welcome To Today Imperial Report Your Place for All News Gravida

Today Marks the Founding of a new State in the world stage around the Bosporus Straights In the City Of Gravis (Constantinople)
The First Emperor Of The Imperial state of Long Gravida Emperor James Gravida Emerges for the Imperial Palace
He Plans To Address the people of his nation well making his intentions on the world stage Clear to the World.

"People of The Empire Today marks a Glory Day for us As Today After years Of
Effort and Work We Haves Successfully United the Lands around The Bosporus Straight
Under A Single banner It was not by the effort of me or its senate but by the people your
devotion allowed us to emerge and Unite the lands And Together We where able to Create the Empire
And Now that we stand among nations of Equals we must work to Maintain our Freedom and Grow
As well And for that I Plan to try and work With our Neighbors utilizing The Resources at our disposal
So we can grow strong well And be able To Ensure our Place in the sun

Because of this i have began the move to send Diplomats to our nearest neighbors most notabily the Arab Republic of Syria (The Armed Republic of Greater Indo-China)
To Our South East ,the The Commonwealth of Overlordship to our north and and the The Rogue Nation of Greater Thistand
Who was the first nation to Recognize the
Imperial Sates In The Plan of establishing trade deals and other pacts that could ensure our growth
and safty in our early days.

Glory to the State Glory To GRAVIDA."

With This The Emperor has annouce the Emergance of The Imperial State Of Long Gravida Onto the World stage
and Its Current Intentions.

This was todays Imperial Report Signing out

Put it in the in-character section of the discord too.