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Region: Amalgamated Federation

Sysillia wrote:You would come as a 1st World Country to say the least.

I knew it B)
Uhhh for those of you that want to know how I got my political freedoms, civil rights, and economy so high here's how:
Ok so IDK how I got my political freedom this good XD but I know how I got economy and civil rights this good
Here's how:
Basically I was like: drUg laws go ByeBye :/ in order to improve civil rights
And in economy I sorta trashed my environment on accident with 1 dang issue D: but a few other issues sorta declined my environment :/
But basically I'm improving my economy, civil rights, and political freedom at any cost, when I'm done with that I will work on my other stuff.
I also use a website to look up the issues (#cheater) and here is the link: