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Region: The Democratic Republic of Freedom


Hagston wrote:Oh no.

You're stuck in an elevator. What do you do?

We're a little overdue for Poll-O'-Clock in Laraniem, but we have returned!


*if you'd prefer for us not to drop by in your region for our poll run, please tell me so I can avoid any sticky situations.

We have already had a situation with you. We have already told you not to post here. Why didn't you listen the first time? Just leave this place alone, it isn't hard. The first time this happened I was alright with it because you didn't know. This time I am really cross because we already had 'a sticky situation' and you said you wouldn't post here again. I don't know how to make it clearer, THE DRF IS DEAD. LEAVE IT ALONE. What a way to ruin the RMB that we can look back on and remember. Just stop, please

Jo hore