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Region: Equilism

Vesica wrote:Silence fills the empty grave, now that I am gone

"And when the Lamb opened the Seventh Seal, Silence covered the Sky." - from The Seventh Seal by Aphrodite's Child

And then they shook away the silence, and said, "Welcome back Vesica!"

Isaris wrote:My heart is melting from picturing Grandpa West in his rocking chair, telling stories.

ThatLollerGuy wrote:Westwind's grandchildren should join NS and hear the tales of their grandfather's grand exploits!

Westwind's daughter says she wants one child of her own, one to adopt, and one to foster. But she better not take too long, Westwind is already old enough to be his daughter's grandfather. Cashier at the store said to my daughter some years ago: "And are you enjoying your time with your Grandfather?" We gave each other a side-long glance and a wink.

But watch out, Westwind's daughter is already a Discord Admin and Mod in a couple other games. And she wants to play evil. Does NS need a new 'bad guy'? Just think, she was still a rugrat crawling around the floor when Westwind joined NS.

Graduation Day is Friday, and Westwind is preparing the celebration. She says the Class of 2020 is a curse. Born a amidst 9/11 terrorism, graduating in a pandemic.