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Region: The Hole To Hide In

RP: The Prophet, Rejected

Schueiold, the harbinger of the new sect of the Shangralorian Faith, in his efforts to promote his revelations, traveled to the Province of Gruven, where large concentrations of Shangralorian faithful reside in the frozen marsh. Though his first experiences with the local populace were well received in Gatoe and it's outlying area--with most of the city's population accepting baptism and conversion, the further the Prophet traveled the more he was harassed and sparked violent debate. In the Province's capital, Republica, Schueiold came under assault from a gathering of Shangralorian faithful after he reportedly commanded them to, ironically, "lay down their weapons of hate." Weapons which were then used to assault him violently. It was only after nearby followers of his cause counterattacked was Schueiold able to retreat to safety. However, as the Prophet retreated, larger crowds were attracted to the commotion and large scale fighting broke out between the followers of the new and old sects. Fortunately, police forces were called to the scene and dispersed the crowds. Despite the chaos, there were few majorly injured, with only one requiring immediate medical attention after an onlooking bystander was his on the head with a bike lock.

RP: Queen Flair Speaks

With mounting reports of violence occurring across the nation and Chancellor Rhodes seemingly unwilling to take any major action against the rising tensions, Queen Flair Ts'dale of The Atomic Schism publicly addressed the nation on the protest box outside the Royal Homestead. Such usage of the protest box had not been seen since the time of King Hymn I, who used it to resign temporarily, and thus the Queen's appearance startled the on-edge populace. However, the Queen did not resign, instead apologizing personally to the citizens of the Commonwealth for the government's inaction. However, the Queen also accused the Church of Shangralore for the disruption of peace in allowing the violence to have begun in the first place. Furthermore, Queen Flair condemned the bombing of the Church in Deseast and offered the families effected her condolences. . .

". . .but my words mean nothing if we do not push aside our differences and accept what makes us all unique in the eyes of God, Shangralore, Acheinseolv, or Acheipps. We cannot forget it was the refusal to cooperate with one another that led to 12 Year Strife and we should be determined to never let our children or their children to go through an era where families are divided by invisible borders in the same nation. . ."

After roughly ten minutes of speaking, Queen Flair finished her address and entered the Royal Homestead. While her speech resonated with many who lived through the 12 Year Strife, the younger generations were reportedly largely unmoved, with one teenager stating in a interview with the 'Electron Times', "It all just sounded like fake government bullcrap. . ." Nevertheless, the Queen's dismay at the government's reaction to the mounting violence has sparked a reaction from Chancellor Rhodes, who in the wake of the address has requested the dispatch of even more military forces to major cities across the Commonwealth, specifically the capitals of the Provinces excluding Strontiumopolis. The move has outraged the residents of the cities, with many blocking the roads in protest so the soldiers transport's cannot proceed. Unfortunately, the body blocking protests have largely failed, save for one in Bunker City, where the convoy of soldiers decided to just stop where they were and patrol the suburbs.