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Region: The Hole To Hide In

RP: Secure Border
Recently the Blayredeshian 3rd and 5th Armies have recently repositioned themselves in eastern Blayredeshia 8 miles north-west of their border with Demitor. The 3rd Army under Brigadier General Edward Klan consists of 76,000 infantry, 120 tanks, 18 artillery pieces, and 170 APCs and it is the second smallest army in Blayredeshia. The 5th Army consists of 200,000 infantry, 190 tanks, 20 artillery pieces, and 175 APCs and is under the command of Major General George Lee. 500 Fighter planes have also reportedly been transported to Fort Suid which lies in the midwest of Blayredeshia’s provinces.
RP: Limited Autarky
In order to difuse tensions with nations such as Basaran; the Confederacy has halted naval trade in order to attempt to provide the Basar’s with less means of instigating conflict. The Confederacy’s main source of imported goods now only comes from the nations of Ponticianre, Kavastor, and Koysala who the Confederacy has requested only ship goods to Blayredeshia via land routes across the continent. This form of limited trade and autarky has not come without costs. Major industries all over Blayredeshia have instantly felt the immense sting and now farmers across rural Blayredeshia are being subsidized by the Blayredeshian treasury to produce more wheat and corn instead of the cashcrops more commonly grown throughout the Confederacy such as cotton and tobacco. Many wonder how long this will last although it could be prolonged via bailouts from the rich landowners and businessmen who have monopolized Blayredeshia’s market such as the Brecks and Lees but even then such an act could only last so long. Only the future will show if the land trade networks between the Blayredeshians and their previously mentioned allies will be able to sustain this limited form of autarky.
The Fleets combine
The First and Second Fleets have combined near the mouth of the Bay of Pontricare. Grand Admiral de la Croix has expressed a desire to blockade the bay however General in Chief Cleburne Bell and the Emperor advised against it instead ordering the Grand Admiral to perform a defensive blockade of Blayredeshia in addition to the coastal artillery and sea batteries being set up along the coast.