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Westwind wrote:I didn't get to be a father till I was 40. Best thing ever - nothing is more rewarding! Enjoy every moment. (Even when you're exhausted or frustrated. *chuckles*)

Next month is Parent Independence Day for me, as my daughter graduates high school. 18 years of daycare, pre-school, grade school, middle school, high school, teachers emails, teacher conferences, school lunches, councellor calls, nurses office, permissions slips, etc is over.

Graduation = Party time for Father and Daughter alike!

I'll spare you all a block quote as long as my arm and just say, thank you for all the congratulations. Bruce is no longer a newborn and is now classified as an infant--this has little actual meaning to me beyond the fact that he's put on a few pounds of weight and generates more diapers than I thought were possible. Overall, he's a pretty easy baby compared to the other babies I've helped raise in my life. I was the middle child of six with and seventeen year spread between the youngest and older. The result was that I was old enough to help raise the youngest, but not old enough to be able to say "NO!" Bruce is pretty low maintenance and just adorable enough to where waking up at 3:00 a.m. each day feels worth it.

More importantly, congratulations on your emancipation, Westwind! You are one step closer to having grandchildren to dote upon!

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