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Mirror World Administration


Mirror World has an executive Founder, a non-executive Delegate, and 5 Officers. (?)

Executive Can appoint/dismiss Officers and set their authority. Founders with Executive authority can modify the authority of the Delegate, but Delegates cannot modify Founders. If the Founder is absent from the region, the Delegate gains Executive authority automatically ("by circumstance").
World Assembly Can vote on World Assembly proposals and resolutions.
Appearance Can modify the World Factbook Entry, Flag, and Tags, and pin Dispatches.
Border Control By spending Regional Influence, can eject/ban/unban nations and set/modify/remove the region password.
Communications Can send region-wide telegrams without stamps, compose Welcome telegrams, suppress & unsuppress posts on the Regional Message Board, and control who can recruit for the region.
Embassies Can open/close embassies with other regions and extend embassy posting privileges.
Polls Can create polls.
The Community of Mirror World Founder Executive Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Kingdom of Judaea-Samaria WA Delegate World Assembly Border Control Embassies Polls
The Keninginryk of FriesenlandVice-Delegate
by Mirror World
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Empire of HanchuSecurity Officer
by Mirror World
Border Control Communications Embassies
The Shattered Warring Nations of Greater ThistandRecruitment Officer
by Mirror World
Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Pacific Union State of AlantisciRoleplay Officer
by Mirror World
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Holy Empire of AzzagratRegional Cartographer
by Mirror World
Communications Polls

Border Control

  • Nations do not require a password to enter Mirror World.

  • Nations banned from Mirror World: Bergenheima.


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

Create an embassy with usPending ()
1. The Glorious Nations of Iwaku
2. The Bar on the corner of every region
3. The International Airport
4. Regionless
5. Hollow Point
6. Train Station
7. United Nations UN
8. Bus Stop
9. Chicken overlords
10. Groovy
11. The Illuminati
12. Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage
13. Weffle
14. The United World
15. Codex Ylvus
16. Free Las Pinas Card Farm
17. Celeasukomi
18. New Rp
19. The Geopolitics Roleplay Region
20. World of NationStates
21. NationStatesHolics Anonymous
22. Victorian era rp 2
23. 1st Epitome United
24. The Region Of Gargery
25. Transvaal SSR
26. The Colonies
27. Battleship
28. Yet Another Region
29. Wolfonia
30. Oneid
31. Great Chuliu Empire
32. Ersetum
33. United Island States

Invitations Received

Invitation Received FromViaReceived
NSCPThe Pirate Sounding Name of Swaklaton

Mirror World Message Board

Officers with Communications authority in embassy regions are permitted to post on the Mirror World Regional Message Board.


Welcome Telegram: Written by Mirror World.

Recruitment: Recruitment telegrams promoting this region can only be sent by Regional Officers.