by Max Barry

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Trading Cards Update

by Max Barry
Thu, 05 Apr 2018

Trading is almost over! So far, three million cards have been found, 1.7 million cards are in circulation, and nations have made 150,000 trades.

But it can't go on forever!

Card trading ends in:

At this time:

  • Loot boxes will cease to be available

  • Cards will no longer be able to be bought, sold, or junked

Your cards and decks will remain visible. We'll also post some stats and links to interesting decks.

This has been a particularly fun event and many people have asked whether the cards can stick around. The answer is: Yes! In some form.

What we'll do is have a week where all trading and looting will remain frozen, to give everyone a chance to eat/sleep/reconnect with loved ones/reflect on their life choices, and us a chance to figure out some details about how it should work. Then we'll re-open in retooled form, with a much lower card generation rate (perhaps one loot box per day) and a few changes aimed at making this a more permanent but less frenzied part of the NationStates experience.