by Max Barry

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by Max Barry
Thu, 27 Oct 2016

So, bad news. Our latest tests are showing a definite uptick in post-mortem movement by corpses. It's not much. But frankly any amount is concerning. If we extrapolate from these numbers, we can predict that at a particular point in the near future, there will probably be a world-wide explosion in the numbers of animated dead attempting to infect the living.

Zombie apocalypse begins in:

So that's not great.

On the plus side, we live in a world hardened by four consecutive years of zombie attacks, so that experience should come in handy. I'm actually pretty optimistic that we can do better than ever and achieve a survival rate as high as 25%.

What You Need to Know

  • The zombie apocalypse will begin 7 years 42 days ago

  • It will run for 36 hours, ending 7 years 41 days ago

  • Zombies move between nations in the same region. This makes it important to be aware of what your neighbors are doing, as will be difficult for an individual nation to hold out in a heavily infected region. Each region will report its infection rate so that residents can make an informed choice about which are relatively safe and which are basically pools of pandemic-level z-virus.

  • You have three options:

    • Exterminate the zombies with military force. This converts them into dead citizens, who pose no further risk to the living. It is very effective when you have lots of survivors and few zombies, and less effective when your military forces have mostly been eaten.

    • Research a cure, which helps to lower your region's infection rate. Enough nations working together can slow or stop the spread of zombies and even begin to turn infected back into survivors. However, this takes time.

    • Embrace the zombie hordes, becoming part of the problem as you spread zombies all around your region. This option isn't for everyone. But there's always someone.

    Each option also helps build a particular superweapon. Once built, they can be manually deployed against targets of your choice by visiting their nation page and hitting the appropriate button.

    • Exterminating zombies develops Tactical Zombie Elimination Squads, who can enter other nations and kill zombies there.

    • Researching a cure develops Cure Missiles, which can be launched at other nations in order to convert zombies into survivors.

    • Embracing the undead develops Hordes, which can surge into other nations and infect their survivors.

    Superweapons can be deployed every 20 seconds. If you take a hit from a superweapon, the resulting chaos makes your own superweapon unavailable for a few minutes.

  • As an emergency measure, Founders and Delegates will be able to close their region's borders at no Influence cost, sealing themselves off the from the world, and the bleating cries of all the poor nations who wish to seek refuge. I'm not judging that. I mean, it seems pretty harsh. You're just sitting there watching millions of people die. But zombie apocalypses demand tough choices.

I have also heard that Hordes could be more infectious than ever this year. But that's probably not true.

The Z-Day Tally Board will be updated at the start of any widespread undead uprising to keep track of the survivors. Good luck!