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Happy Holidays!

by Max Barry
Thu, 23 Dec 2010

I think 2010 was a good year. Nothing went catastrophically wrong, for one thing. That's a win right there. We implemented some small but useful improvements. We got the forum under control (for now). The community continued to grow, following the Great Jolt Debacle. No-one sued. All good things.

In 2011 we'll switch to our new look—which you can beta-test now by selecting a "Theme" in your nation's Settings (and discuss here). The current theme will, of course, remain available for those who prefer to kick it old-school.

It's kind of a shame you can't choose the 2002 style. Now that would be nostalgic. Huh. I just thought of that.

Thanks again to all of you for making this place what it is. Because what it is, for the most part, is pretty awesome. Not particularly slick. Not very professional. Not exactly Web 2.0. But awesome.