by Max Barry

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World Assembly Renovations

by Max Barry
Fri, 26 Feb 2010

Security CouncilGeneral AssemblyFor some time now, the World Assembly has housed both the General Assembly and the Security Council. This created some practical problems, such as delegates elbowing each other in the corridors, deliberately tripping each other, and taping messages to the back of each other's jackets reading: "MY COUNCIL IS TEH SUCK!!1!" And we shall not speak of the pantsing incident.

Clearly such conditions made it difficult to concentrate on ensuring global harmony. The World Assembly therefore commenced construction of two separate edifices, so that delegates of each Council could conduct their noble work unhindered by the pointless bickering of the other. It is with great pleasure that the WA now announces these works are complete, and thanks you for your attention to the mandatory invoice that will shortly arrive at your respective parliaments, palaces, senates, and subterranean bunkers.