by Max Barry

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NationStates 3: The Search For Admin

by Max Barry
Sat, 12 Nov 2005

It seems like only yesterday NationStates was helplessly gurgling in its cot, blowing bubbles and spitting up on itself. Nowadays it walks, holds opinions, and frequently expresses them with its extensive vocabulary of as many as several dozen words. Yes, NationStates is three years old today! And still cute as a button.

In celebration--or, possibly, by sheer coincidence--I am pleased to announce that NationStates is hunting for a new admin. Not that there's anything wrong with our current admin; no, no, those fine people are doing a bang-up job, and are drunk far less often than is rumored. But we can do more with more admins, and so we've decided to see if we can get some.

If you've got some free time, a few ideas, and a hankering to make NationStates better, we'd love you to apply!