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I've got a job!

by SalusaSecondus
Wed, 11 May 2005

Now, I realize that the purpose of this page is to advertise news related to NationStates, but I'm going to hijack it for an entry (sorry Max).

As some of you may know, I'm graduating from university this year with a degree in computer science. This leaves me in the interesting position of "What's next?" Basically my options were grad-school or work. The thought of another four years of schooling (after the previous 17) was enough to make me shudder in horror. So, I guess that the real would was my only option. This means that I need to earn enough to keep from starving (a roof over my head wouldn't be bad either). I sent out applications, got some information back (including from GCHQ, interestingly enough as I'm not a UK citizen) and did a couple of interviews. And now ... I'm ecstatic to announce ... I'm being hired by!

Now, I'm sure that many of you are wondering what this means for NationStates. Well, I won't have the time during working hours to address anything but the most serious concerns. We are working, though, to improve overall stability so that this isn't an issue. It also means that I'm not going to be starving to death. So, I will still be alive (at least) to continue work. Finally, it means that my timezone will be changing from New York (EST) to Seattle (PST). Yup, I'm moving to Seattle. First time on the West Coast. It should be good.

I would like to thank, Max, NationStates, and all of the players. I've loved what I've done here, and without it I would never have gotten the job.