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The Most Alphabetically Ascendent in 314159265358979323846264338327950

Linguistic experts debated late into the night to place nations in alphabetical order.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of 1971Iron Fist Socialists“Peace and Justice”
2.The Democratic States of 238462Left-wing Utopia“Pacifism is critical”
3.The Republic of 2884Capitalizt“By The People For The People”
4.The Republic of 3141Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“From Many, One”
5.The Matriarchy of 5358Left-wing Utopia“383279”
6.The Rogue Nation of 5926Father Knows Best State“From Many, One”
7.The Free Land of 6433Left-wing Utopia“Easy as one two three”
8.The Republic of 7950New York Times Democracy“By The People For The People”
9.The Commonwealth of 832New York Times Democracy“Twirling Toward Freedom”
10.The Colony of 9793Left-Leaning College State“A wise man once said nothing.”