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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
Learn To Love Again


1.Horsemen of the ApocalypseFlag1,652,90513,133 NationsBelisa
2.Horsemen of the Apocalypse IIFlag21,73120 NationsLily
3.Horsemen of the Apocalypse IIIFlag21,6719 NationsHell
4.Second Best Test 218,20710 NationsTwo
5.The Minotaurs 2Flag13,08438 NationsThe Labyrinth
6.Shambhala Strategic Javelin CommandFlag10,59610 NationsFodlan
7.The_MinotaursFlag7,7340 NationsAtlantiso
8.Lego6,9545 NationsIndonesia Nusantara
9.AMAZEINGFlag6,83858 NationsCasagrande
10.YourselfFlag6,53226 NationsConfederation of Corrupt Dictators
11.Join the LabyrinthFlag6,3461 NationMight
12.The MazeFlag6,2670 NationsThe Maze
13.Horsemen of the Apocalypse IVFlag5,676126 NationsChildren of the Grave
14.Chess Players4,24916 NationsChess Players
15.RAILGUN3,75392 Nations
16.Stellamare CompactFlag3,49110 NationsAstral Sea
17.The Meridiem Nuclear Coalition1,0388 Nations
18.Red Army FactionFlag771116 NationsGreater Dienstad
19.League of MarblesFlag3829 NationsLeague of Marbles
20.The Last Platform Launch3813 Nations
21.Otto Bloc Nuclear AllianceFlag3728 NationsThe Otto Bloc
22.Independent Liberation Forces33934 NationsIndependent Liberation Front
23.Rambunctious Rick Rollers 3183 Nations
24.Taiirasima NuclearFlag3125 NationsSub Pacific
25.Unión of the PhilippinesFlag3001 NationLeyte
26.NNSU of ArstotzkaFlag2790 NationsThe Superstate Hivemind
27.Artificially Intelligent CatsFlag2741 NationCatalen Mountain
28.The BONFIRE2493 NationsUnder the Sea
29.All Nations Against LiberalsFlag2230 NationsAll Nations Against Liberals
30.The Land of Richard the Bald IIFlag1009 NationsLand of Richard the Bald II
31.Garellian Defense Force | KINMOONFlag1002 NationsThe Galactics Union
32.Things explodeFlag941 NationThings explode
33.Skuzz ValleyFlag861 NationSchuylkill Valley
34.the power allianceFlag6911 NationsThe power alliance
35.Laurenburg Strategic Defense InitiativeFlag634 NationsGreat Laurenburg
36.Haoyuian Uranium Disposal Service522 Nations
37.The Sliding LegionFlag4414 NationsThe Slide Countries
38.Dictatoria Nuclear Weapons AssociationFlag342 NationsDictatoria
39.The Imperial Union Defense ForceFlag312 NationsThe Imperial Union of Order States
40.Atomic Economic Nations PackFlag310 NationsEconomic Nations Pack
41.Glaarkian LegionFlag310 NationsGlaarks Union of Glaarkian NationStates
42.Horsemen of The Apocolypse VFlag1670 NationsMy Cool Rocks
43.M3GAN157 Nations
44.OrangeJuiceFlag215 NationsOrangeJuice
45.Loradioactive DesertFlag20 NationsThe Lorania
46.Darthiana 20 Nations
47.DoorDash!Flag075 NationsTelekinesis
48.This won't go well01 Nation
49.Barcelona but betterFlag01 NationBCN
50.Council of People's Republics Strategic Flag00 NationsCouncil of Peoples Republics

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.