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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
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1.Augustin AllianceFlag287,4885,375 NationsAugustin Alliance
2.An Alliance of PotatoesFlag284,8475,938 NationsThe Potato Alliance
3.Ba Sing SeFlag275,8324,853 NationsThe City of Ba Sing Se
4.CRABFlag107,9702,979 NationsCRAB
5.Fuster Cluck CoalitionFlag44,956633 NationsNorthern Ocean
6.Second Best TestFlag29,19425 NationsBig Farma
7.RAILGUN18,531265 Nations
8.Antinosean Army8,8029 Nations
9.Alnobian Nuclear Defense Alliance8,2901 NationAlnobia
10.German Nuclear Force6,2365 Nations
11.Dangerous StationeryFlag5,2779 NationsPencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage
12.GholgothFlag4,81736 NationsGholgoth
13.Hocherlan's TigersFlag3,9423 NationsMontealba
14.Neon DreamsFlag2,39722 NationsTeremara
15.All Nations Against LiberalsFlag2,2504 NationsAll Nations Against Liberals
16.Chairwoman Oomiya's Crepe Fleet2,1220 Nations
17.BAD Corps1,82515 Nations
18.A.T.O.M.I.CFlag1,6272,099 NationsATOMIC
19.BAD Peacekeepers9271 Nation
20.The Amish Brigade6290 Nations
21.haha point printer go brrr43533 Nations
22.Chairwoman Oomiya's Parfait Fleet3921 Nation
23.Pudding is Good3031 Nation
24.Proud Virgin Gang2689 Nations
25.J o JFlag2462 NationsJ o Jian Military Network
26.The Hellfire Squad2080 Nations
27.Silent1270 NationsSilent
28.Black Lives MatterFlag908 NationsFederation of Conservative Nations
29.Da Couch Bunker741 Nation
30.SCUTFlag699 NationsArcem
31.The Best PacificFlag311 NationThe Test Pacific
32.Alnobian Nuclear Testing Site192 Nations
33.Monty Python's Nukes100 Nations
34.Gamer Nuke AllianceFlag70 NationsAuspicious Sinatra Squad
35.The Allied Tribe10 Nations
36.Brotherhood of NodFlag02 NationsCommand and Conquer Universe
37.DonelijFlag01 NationFirst World Order
38.StarkillerFlag01 NationStarkiller
39.Just Some Guy00 Nations
40.Batalha de Aljubarrota00 Nations
41.The Omniversal Core00 Nations
42.whyNaught00 Nations
43.Pudding Test00 Nations
44.Earldom of South Ballygowan00 NationsGreat Interintermarian Plateau
45.ALA NUKE DAY00 Nations
46.Floppa00 Nations
47.Se Sing Ba00 Nations
48.Ounitonia Nuclear00 Nations
49.Lalaland00000 Nations
50.The PS Legion00 Nations

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.