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Nations of Layem Defense Coalition

  1. The Acadian Republic of PhillippelandS
  2. The Federation of DiandE
  3. The Armed Communist State of South RaznakovaS
  4. The Constitutional Empire of BenderkM
  5. The Halloween Celebration of South AcrenM
  6. The Populist State of MauroaS
  7. The Confederacy of LayemM
  8. The 4th Republic of ElvatoS
  9. The Holy Violetist Land of NezureadonS
  10. The Great holy Scottish Empire of BrorackS
  11. The Wild Western Republic of Nexus SierraM
  12. The Golden of Lardian kampfM
  13. The Dictatorship of Lemon Empire of VoidiarE
  14. The Crowned Republic of Nokor MeasS
  15. The Kingdom of Peanu-ButteriaE
  16. The Sultanate of The grand sultanate of KrmM
  17. The Free Utopia of LyrakiaM
  18. The Dictatorship of RussberlinS
  19. The Empire of RossblerS
  20. Better-norwayS
  21. The Republic of VirconiaM
  22. The 2nd United Socialist States of BaaasM
  23. The Somehow SociCapi States of SomethingIsWrongHereS
  24. The Incorporated States of The Medron EnclaveS
  25. The Rogue Nation of DunkirlothesiaM
  26. The Grand Duchy of NebieridziM
  27. The Grand Duchy of TiexiM
  28. The United empire of MassechusettsE
  29. The Confederacy of AmbirgeE
  30. HunikoM
  31. The Federal Republic of HualoniaS
  32. North pacifica atlanticaS
  33. The Confederacy of GrentistanS
  34. The Principality of MonikustanE
  35. The Republic of Shch-101E