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Nations of The Impostor's Pact

  1. The Dictatorship of YelloweenE
  2. The Order of the White Tower of ArdentusM
  3. The Republic of DazofS
  4. The Monarchy of ScherzingerS
  5. The Irredentist Societè of RughzhenhaideE
  6. The Malian League of Viko PlabasM
  7. The Fatherland of LodacS
  8. The United Confederation of KorolkE
  9. The Royal Armory of RooperiaS
  10. The United Republic of MuttartiaE
  11. The Confederate Republic of StephanieslandS
  12. The Catgirl Imperium of Ecclesia Catholico RomanumM
  13. The Republic of PinridgeI
  14. The Republic of ShalachestM
  15. The Protectorate of Bermuda MajorE
  16. The Supreme nation of TinasaM
  17. The Principado of Nueva JerusalenS
  18. The 4th Republic of ElvatoesS
  19. The Holy Mokian People Republic of The MokianI
  20. The Korolk Puppet of Pandalanda YayS
  21. The Federal Republic of BateeliaE
  22. The Archipelago of Hole OcoS
  23. The Republic of BlocBrigadeM
  24. The Corporate Republic of Wolden-DorfS
  25. The Empire of Bhutanese World OrderE
  26. The Empire of VladivastockI
  27. The Multiverse Threat of OrcuoI
  28. The Chauvinist Republic of AstriyaS
  29. The Kingdom of Colinas do SolS
  30. The Kingdom of IDEPKM
  31. The Theocracy of ScunglandS
  32. The Monarch-syndicalist empire of JirelandS
  33. The Federative Republic of ArzektI
  34. The Republic of B u r y a t i aI
  35. The People's Republic of Democratic Republic of KookoostanE
  36. The Centralized Autocracy of TerragradeE
  37. The Commonwealth of RussrashtriaE
  38. The Republic of NCRAF NorthM
  39. The Empire of MoroboriaS
  40. The Free Land of Anarchy Of UkraineM
  41. The Free Land of Anarchy Of DonetskI
  42. The Free Land of Anarchy Of LuhanskS
  43. The Free Land of Anarchy Of LvivS
  44. The Republic of Anarchy Of MinskE
  45. The Partisan Organization of Jewish Underground StateM
  46. The Empire of Jorgia-KamiliaE
  47. The Republic of LedvkE
  48. The Puppet of Jewish Partisan DivisionE
  49. The Community of BelaluM
  50. The Eternal Oligarch of Kavonia FounderS