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Nations of The Islamic Faction

  1. The United Democratic Republic of KawtherM
  2. The Regional Administration of Greater Islamic Empire of PakistanM
  3. The Constitutional Sultanate of ZekeinistanM
  4. The Glorious Kingdom of HurtistanM
  5. The Caliphate of Eastern CarricoE
  6. The Anarchy of AnarchestanE
  7. The Islamic Republic of The Pakistani FederationI
  8. The Islamic Republic of BurhaniaS
  9. The Federated Islands of East KireaE
  10. The Sultanate of Al TariqaS
  11. The Palestinian Socialist Land of MaalikS
  12. The Royal Kingdom of Olde CarricoE
  13. The Holy Empire of Emirato MesoamericanoE
  14. The Most Serene Republic of KadarayrehE
  15. The Republic of Greater AnjulasS
  16. The Constitutional Monarchy of IslamarniaS
  17. The Republic of CrimeyaE
  18. The Islamic Republic of NovarosS
  19. The Trade Emirate of AlshaayS
  20. The Zaimist Confederation of EmetistanE
  21. The United States of HainkonkaisarS
  22. The Emirate of BajjarE
  23. The Holy Empire of New TojanS
  24. The Sultanate of United Islamic Medina CaliphateE
  25. The Islamic Republic of TurjakistanE
  26. The Republic of DemocranesianI
  27. The Republic of BurhanisocE
  28. The Free Land of BurhananE
  29. The Nomadic Peoples of Atlas FuggedM
  30. The Sultanate of IslamisbadM
  31. The Theocracy of BurhanmadE
  32. The Dominion of IsbakistanE
  33. The bean farmersM
  34. The Kingdom of HarfidiaM
  35. The Emirate of Imperija BosnaI
  36. The Community of MusulmanusS
  37. The Allied States of Pan ArabiaE
  38. The Kingdom of UkutakaM
  39. The United Kingdom of Redd LandM
  40. The Republic of QualiqE
  41. The Republic of QualsE
  42. The Republic of United Arabian LeagueE
  43. The Republic of Republic of MutakabbirstanM
  44. The Emirate of HarzaltzS