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Nations of Anime Nations Against Liberals

  1. The Republic of Silver Steps the SecondE
  2. The Generically Named Nation of Bobs raider puppetS
  3. The UK Sovereign of Silver StepsE
  4. The 🐈 Kingdom of New RogernomicsS
  5. The Interdimensional Domain of ParticleE
  6. The Most Feared Military of TBH CommanderM
  7. The SoP veteran of New South ArcticaM
  8. The Red Heart of AlbrookM
  9. The Uberstani Republic of RidannS
  10. The Federal Republic of AiganiaM
  11. The Secret Underground Empire of GunrageS
  12. The Galactic Empire of FlarbiniaS
  13. The Righteous and Holy Empire of AsmadoniaI
  14. The Peoples Confederacy of RomarctulI
  15. The United Earth Demarchy of The Inner Solar SystemS
  16. The Invading Force of Vengeance SeekerM
  17. The National Socialist Union of AggrovilleS
  18. The Imperial Federal Kingdom of HeyZayE
  19. The Republic of SurdM
  20. The Soviet Republic of KhaltesS
  21. The Free Land of ArticleS
  22. The Quantum Singularity of GazathainS
  23. The WA Delegate of South Boston IrishmenM
  24. The First Union of SpectacorM
  25. The Resourceful Sovereignty of Rava-ethS
  26. The Puppet Tenders of The Wax LionS
  27. The Democratic Democracy of UtraciaE
  28. The TBH Commander of Red BackS
  29. The 🐑 Sheepistan of RogernomicsM
  30. The Incorporated Republic of BlackandGoldI
  31. The Bob Saget Marathon of Utracias Evil SpawnM
  32. The Magnificent Tail of Horo the WiseS
  33. The Republic of PontbridgeE
  34. The Armed Republic of CelticianS
  35. The Always Exhausted Congoer of Via BestiaeE
  36. The Glorious Most High Empire of ZaxariumE
  37. The Awesomly Awesome Collective of MalororiaI
  38. The Sacred Noble Queendom of TreynaluciaM
  39. The Yao Ming Dynasty Republic of DuracellM
  40. The Irradiated Wasteland of The New California RepublicS
  41. The Federal Democratic Republic of VancovariaE
  42. The Fiefdom of The Fourth ImperiumM
  43. The Oppressed Peoples of Punk HazardE
  44. The Hounds of HundermenschenS
  45. The Catdom of Annabelle PE
  46. The Community of Ender in exileS
  47. The Commonwealth of EllenburgE
  48. The Quiet Fields of A nony mouseE
  49. The Weapon of Loki of Mistletoe SpearM
  50. The Spiritual Cookie of RogernomicaM