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Nations of Institute of Kaboom

  1. The Free Lands of RobboniaM
  2. The Idiocracy of Santa MoutramasE
  3. The Democratic States of ZombodiceM
  4. The Dominion of LehemadE
  5. The Technological Utopia of North KommandostanI
  6. The Dominion of RivgaliaM
  7. The Kingdom in Flames of Orange CreekS
  8. The Holy Empire of IntegralismI
  9. The Borderlands of Repressing foolsE
  10. The Empire of Makko OkoE
  11. The Colony of TranshumiaS
  12. The Kingdom of AdaranthiaM
  13. The Allied Colonies of Humanized AntsS
  14. The Democratic Republic of United Cities of AustraliaI
  15. The People's Republic of Zhonghua MinzhuM
  16. The United Nations of 11nationsS
  17. The Mighty Union of RasutafiaM
  18. The People's Republic of MoheaE
  19. The Empire of Irunan EmpireE
  20. The Rogue Nation of WallandaM
  21. The Stupid commies of Middle VersS
  22. The Nationalist Empire of New South AfricanS
  23. The TGM alt of Rose WorldS
  24. The Nationaledeutsche Demokratie of The Final Sith OrderE
  25. The Roman Republic of 2nd Romani ImperiiM
  26. The Grand Anglo State of Kingdom of EnglandsM
  27. The Immortal Crossdorking of SpiderMewM
  28. The Nukes go Brrrr of Wooloo jupiter systemM
  29. The Nukes go brrrr of Wooloo EarthE
  30. The Nukes go brrr of Wooloo kepler 62ES
  31. The Colony of Wooloo Kepler 22bM
  32. The Colony of Wooloo Neptune systemS
  33. The Colony of Wooloo plutoE
  34. The Wooloosian Nuke Black of Wooloo statesS
  35. The Italian Protectorate of Plus Nova Imperii West AfricaS
  36. The Anti Fairy Hunter of Team LeoM
  37. The Great Eyes of a Great Leader of The Great HiatusM
  38. The Magna Commonwealth of Socialist States of LudistanS
  39. The Republic of OF CourscantM
  40. The 2nd Repuplic of Benelux of United Netherlanden StatesS
  41. The Macedonian Kingdom of MeadrinS
  42. The Most reverent and honorable of YazakhastanE
  43. The Armed Republic of Spookville 2S
  44. The Dancing with the stars of UntecnaM
  45. The Republic of Baloo Kingdom WAS
  46. The Socialist Republic of BarlyyS
  47. The Retro-Futuristic Nation of TheberstanM
  48. The Commonwealth of Roman Foreign MinistryE
  49. The Ymerodraeth Dragwyddol of Celto-AlmaenM
  50. The Fromme fudge of BananalolE