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Nations of Alliance of Newlandia

  1. The Kingdom of New CyE
  2. The Federation of Vest-SkandinaviaE
  3. The Goraria died of nuke of GorariaE
  4. The Federal Republic of KurzegiaI
  5. The Holy Archduchy of NitranaE
  6. The Constitutional Kingdom of Vestra-SverigeI
  7. The Constitutional Monarchy of ZeirreichE
  8. The Democratic Republic of North Vest-SverigeS
  9. The People's Republic of Schwedisches ReichS
  10. The République de septembre of FLofSFI
  11. The People's Republic of 2nd Austrian EmpireM
  12. The Republic of 2nd Vestra-SverigeM
  13. The National Republic of Vestra-Sverige PuppetM
  14. The Republic of New Union of Socialist Soviet RepublicS
  15. The Armed Republic of White FortressS
  16. The Secret society of Xanadu HQI
  17. The Kingdom of Religious SverigeI
  18. The Republic of The greatest PanemM
  19. The Constitutional Monarchy of PhineliaS
  20. The Federal Republic of WiryeE
  21. The Republic of SpaslandE
  22. The Republic of SnalaskaE
  23. The United Kingdom of LandfieldE
  24. The Confederation of Newlandia Founder NationM
  25. The Oppressed Peoples of Hard LaborI
  26. The Colony of KaronskaE
  27. The Commonwealth of Colonial SnalaskaE
  28. The Free Land of SenniaE
  29. The Republic of Neo ChoseonM
  30. The Republic of SennisiaE
  31. The Rogue Nation of Newlandian Broadcasting ServiceM
  32. The Republic of Social DemocratsS
  33. The Grand Duchy of PorustaniaM
  34. The Republic of MagnuanaS
  35. The Free Land of TintunaM
  36. The Grand Duchy of New KarlshamnI
  37. The Allied States of Vestra SverigeM