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Nations of Flanelistan

  1. The Totalitarian Super Empire of Exzilian StateM
  2. The Federation of Russian eurasianS
  3. The Supеrstatе of Gloriosa ArstotzkaE
  4. The Empire of Brazilium senatusI
  5. The Holy Empire of Islamic Sovereign StateE
  6. The Nightosphere of ShevikM
  7. The Holy Empire of OfhirE
  8. The Holy Galactic Empire of Glorious WakandaE
  9. The Democratic People's Republic of UniaostrelaprataI
  10. The Unitary Mind of Eternal CivilizationS
  11. The Confederacy of Charabuana ConfederationE
  12. The Republic of CiteculiS
  13. The Republic of Labor and Virtue of CamphreS
  14. The Empire of fur straightening of MiranorteE
  15. The Confederates States of UBSRAM
  16. The Oppressed Peoples of CupuassuM
  17. The People's republic of LeningraduS
  18. The Dictatorship of DazarvoniaI
  19. The Orange of LieriaE
  20. The Matriarchy of YunimgradoM
  21. The Great Socialist Kingdom of PauzaolandiaM
  22. The Constitutional Monarchy of HarpiaS
  23. The Empire Communist of Jojo do NorteE
  24. The Federation of Estados federativos do sulM
  25. The Powerfull Multiversal Empire of Do poderoso ViniM
  26. The Socialist Republic of GunsdileM
  27. The Republic of GoianesiaE
  28. The O Novo Império Unido of Sul Dos GuriE
  29. The Empire of TaarnaM
  30. The Neoliberal Dictatorship of LebecS
  31. The Grand Duchy of Gissimor VaslanS
  32. The Favela of Gabriel MonteiroS
  33. The Ditadura AutoTeocrática of Sudlich KaizerM
  34. The Heaven of Doze MacacosS
  35. The Tyrannical Holysuperstate of AlarioM
  36. The Second monarchy of BraasulM
  37. The Founder of FlanelasI
  38. The United Socialist States of QianguanE
  39. The Regime Democrático Militar of New MathigaS
  40. The Private Federation of AachenheimerE
  41. The Ditadura teocrática of Oasis da baleiaM
  42. The Empire of PorangI
  43. The Dictatorship of Anarquia ditatorialE
  44. The Empire of LisarbyE
  45. The República of NORDESTE-NORTEE
  46. The Empire of HeizenI
  47. The People's Republic of MarotaniaM
  48. The Galactic Republic of Aguas da PrataM
  49. The Kingdom of Krips EldS
  50. The Empire of C AiranosM