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Nations of McNukalds

  1. Ibis galaxy allianceM
  2. Gogol transcendancyE
  3. The Daiteikoku of HinodiaI
  4. The Scientific Utopia of ArkeyanaM
  5. The Germanisches Kaiserreich of VadterlandE
  6. The Most Serene Republic of TrinibagoM
  7. The Sovereign Republic of South AmericanastanM
  8. The Oortian Community of QhevakE
  9. The Federal Republic of AsuckiE
  10. The Superpower of Jamie fascist empireM
  11. Federal republic of america and the cariS
  12. The Syndicalist Commune of VikaniasM
  13. The Galactic Empire of Imperial RiftaE
  14. The Submerged Kingdom of Fish EmpireS
  15. The Lofty Kingdom of Avian RiftaM
  16. Old riftaS
  17. The Extraterrestrial Colonies of Riftan TerritoriesE
  18. Orp visbyE
  19. The Colony of West DogistanS
  20. The Colony of East DogistanS
  21. The Satellite state of BobbietopiaS
  22. The Colony of Amerikane south-west islandM
  23. The Trading Card of ErabenE
  24. The Trade Empire of Riftan Alliance Trading CompanyE
  25. Bogi smertiM
  26. The People's Republic of Smosh gamesS
  27. The Colony of MickeystanS
  28. The Eldritch Delivery Service of Wormfodder DeliveryE
  29. The Perpetual fighters of GreatOceaniaE
  30. Cartel incorporado mexicanoM
  31. The Atmosphere Connoisseur of Black Raven MovementE
  32. The Coastal Malls of FeatherRockS
  33. FaruchM
  34. The Research Institute of AvianusS
  35. The Community of InvadilismE
  36. The Protectorate of JambbyE
  37. Venger conglomerateE
  38. New ostmenM
  39. The Ventosolar State of TechnogaiaE
  40. The Free Land of The MarketeersE
  41. Nono germaniS
  42. The ferengisM
  43. EyjE
  44. Amsterdam republicE
  45. The drowned landsM