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Nay to all

A. Nay
B. Nay
C. Nay

Just over half of the governing coalition even bothered to come to vote after a whole 24 hours.

Every day I get more disappointed...

Nay to all

Senators, all amendments have failed and we have begun voting on the Removal of Shadow Positions and Caucuses Act.

Removal of Shadow Positions and Caucuses Act
Authors: Pap Sculgief
Sponsors: Pap Sculgief, Dendrobium


Understanding that in both chambers of Thaecian Congress, the positions of Deputy and Shadow Speaker/Chairman both co-exist;

Believing that the position of Deputy has provided more back-up and emergency support to the Speaker/Chairman than the position of Shadow;

Recognising that the positions of Shadow Speaker or Chairman were designed and introduced to compensate for a political climate that was focused on 'majority vs opposition' in the chambers of congress, however that political climate is no longer present;

Considering that if that is the case, then there is a lack of need for official recognition of caucuses and caucus leaders as well

Congress hereby agrees:

i. Repeals LR.027 The Shadow Speaker Act

i. Removes Articles VI and VII from LR.024 The House Procedures Act
ii. Renames all following articles to VII in LR.024 to fit accordingly

i. Removes Article VI from LR.037 Senate Procedures Act
ii. Renames all following articles to VI in LR.037 to fit accordingly

i. As stated in LR.024 and LR.037, due to this bill amending procedures in both chambers of congress, this bill requires a 2/3rds majority in both chambers of Congress in order for it pass

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Cerdenia (IND)
Dendrobium (SOL)
Emazia (IND)
Ermica (TCU)
Pap Sculgief (IND)
Sevae (IND)
Toerana V (IND)




Nay, awful legislation, will destroy the region most likely



Aye (5) Ashlawn Dendrobium Emazia Pap Sculgief Toerana V
Nay (1) Cerdenia
Abstain (2) Ermica Sevae

The bill has passed and will be sent to the House.

Senators, we have begun debate on the Constitutional Convention Act (Amended).

Author(s): Islonia & Brototh
Sponsor(s): Islonia
As Amended By: Dendrobium & Zon island

An Act to establish procedures for calling and conducting a Constitutional Convention.

Congress Hereby Agrees:

(1) Congress may convene a Constitutional Convention through a motion a which requires a 2/3 supermajority support in each individual chamber, has passed both chambers.

(2) Members of both legislative chambers shall elect a single Convention Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson by a vote organised by the Electoral Commission using the immediate runoff voting system. They must serve unless they resign, or are removed.

(1) Members of a legislative chamber hold the right for formal membership of the Convention; meaning the right to fully participate in all official Convention debates and votes.

(2) Citizens of Thaecia who are not members of the legislative chamber shall have access to the Convention to vote on the final articles, and the constitution, whilst limitations on other access shall be dictated by the Convention Chairperson.

(1) The Chairperson is the leader of the Convention, with the Deputy Chairpersons acting as deputy leaders of the Convention.

(2) The Chairperson holds the authority to call the vote on any amendments, articles, and the final constitution, setting time limits on discussions and organising debates.

(3) Any power the Chairperson holds may be delegated to their Deputy Chairperson as seen fit by the Chairperson.

(4) Members as described under Art(2)(1) may, with a simple majority, remove the Chairperson.

(5) If the Chairperson is removed, members classed under Art(2)(1) shall appoint another Chairperson via a simple majority vote, who shall serve until they resign or are removed.

(1) The Constitutional Convention shall be held publicly to all Thaecian citizens. Those who are not members as described by Art(2)(1) will be allowed to debate in their own public channel.

(2) The Constitutional Convention shall proceed one article at a time. Once a final article has been approved by the Members of the Convention, it shall go to public vote. Once the full Constitution has been approved by the Members of the Convention, it shall also go to public vote, where it requires a 3/5th majority to pass.

(3) All amendments are entitled to a minimum of 24 hours of debate. They are also entitled to a minimum of 24 hours of vote.

(4) Amendments that relate to the same Article of the Convention currently being debated may be debated on and voted on at the same time.

(5) The Convention Chairperson shall be forced to call the Convention into recess at least 3 days before elections for the Senate and House of Commons, this excludes snap elections.

(6) If the Chairperson or Deputy loses their seat as a Senator/Member of Parliament during the Convention, a vote shall be held for that position as per Art(1)(2)

(7) Should any other official member of the Convention as specified in Art(2)(1) lose their seat during the Convention, that seat will remain vacant until a Snap Election is held.

(8) The Convention may return to an Article once it has already passed, if it is found there is a problem, or a change should be made.

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No Major Issues with this version

Look who's back
Back again
Legislators everybody sing
I've authored another bill wth lmao

will vote for

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