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First measures of a new president, Julia Müller
27th November 1983, Vienna

Having been elected in 1980 and holding power as head of state for 3 years, Austrovan president Julia Müller has shown intentions to campaign for a second term in office. However 3 years of diplomatic stagnation has led to a loss of faith in Müller's capabilities as a leader, obvious by the harsh scrutiny diplayed on national televison programmes toward her.

With the intention of having a 2nd term in office the president has named Nora Gruber, Mila Hofer and Gregor Boltzmann as foreign ambassadors for future diplomatic relations. The ambassador Mila Hofer has already been sent to Dubrovnik in Of Marxist Russian Republics, where an embassy is being established for future diplomatic talks.

President Müller has also established a new policy of renewable energy - surveyors have been sent into the Central Eastern Alps to locate possible sites for the planning and construction of hydro-electric dams, which experts predict could power almost 70% of the nation within the next 15 to 20 years.

Announcements and Expansion

The states of Vorarlberg and Upper Austria had quickly established themselves as independent city states after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1918, following the armistice of the first world war - Austrova found it difficult to secure its indivisibility through military means, the Austrovan government was forced to accept the independence of new nation states including the home states of Vorarlberg and Upper Austria.

Following the military coup and through the years of military occupation in Austrova, the free states held their own freedom and led progressive governments in the areas of social and economic progression, the government of these states had a hand in developing Austrova into a new nation after the end of the military occupation. As Austrova continued to progress in all aspects of government and nation, these city states held national refferendums to vote on re-joining the homeland.

With votes of 28% against and 72% for, both states are set to re-join the Free Republic within the next few months.

Diplomatic Updates

The ambassador Mila Hofer who was recently sent to the new embassy in Dubrovnik has secured a non-aggression pact with Of Marxist Russian Republics.

Kotte sultanate wrote:Hello

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To all WA NationStates in this region. Please endorse our WA Delegate Judaea-Samaria!

Integration of Tabuk

Representatives of the Tabuk province met in parliament to announce that Tabuk would be adopting all federal laws and integrating its armored forces into the Federal army. This marks the third province to do this.

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