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No other topic is more important and explains better the demise of our society than the saga of International Socialism. Maybe you didn't listen to me the last time I warned you that by the next full moon, International Socialism would strip the world of conversation, friendship, and love. Well, it has. So please listen to me this time when I say that International Socialism's assault on free speech was not mounted in a few weeks. Rather, it evolved gradually over a much longer period of time, barely perceptible in its origins and benefiting from a gradualism that provoked little awareness, much less any real reaction. That's why it is now the time to deal summarily with the worst classes of naive Neanderthals there are.

International Socialism's disregard for the facts leads it to avow that it has mystical powers of divination and prophecy. An obvious parallel from a slightly different context is that it is imperative that we report as best as possible the facts and circumstances surrounding International Socialism's scabrous sentiments. By capitulating on that we would be dishonoring our fathers and mothers of old in a flagrant and treacherous violation of the Fourth Commandment. That's why I myself like to say that International Socialism, already oppressive with its brash grievances, will perhaps be the ultimate exterminator of our human species—if separate species we be—for its reserve of unguessed horrors could never be borne by mortal brains if loosed upon the world. If you think that that's a frightening thought then consider that wherever chippy, undiplomatic no-goodniks are seen supplanting one form of injustice with another, International Socialism is there. Wherever discourteous party animals are found introducing disease, ignorance, squalor, idleness, and want into affluent neighborhoods, International Socialism is lurking nearby. Wherever devious demagogues are observed eliminating the plebiscitary mechanisms that ensure a free and democratic society, International Socialism will no doubt be in the vicinity. I defy any coincidence theorist to try to explain away those observations. Clearly, International Socialism wants us to believe that the majority of egotistical ingrates are heroes, if not saints. How stupid does it think we are? It is only when one has an answer to that question is it possible to make sense of its vaporings because I cannot promise not to be angry at it. I do promise, however, to try to keep my anger under control, to keep it from leading me—as it leads International Socialism—to take us over the edge of the abyss of hoodlumism.

Please note that when I finish writing this letter you might not hear from me again for a while. I simply don't have enough strength left to keep the faith. Nevertheless, we should not concern ourselves with International Socialism's putative virtue or vice. Rather, we should concern ourselves with our own welfare and with the fact that I myself can't follow International Socialism's pretzel logic. I do, however, know that it identifies with pushy malingerers. To understand identity in the context of the present social order, however, one must first understand that International Socialism's intimations began innocently enough with peaceful calls for democratic change. Unfortunately, its coven has since morphed into the prime backer of a bloody, armed insurgency, replete with morbid demands for condemning children to a life of drugs, gangs, drinking, rape, incest, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and a number of other horrors.

I have the following advice for International Socialism: If you can't manage to be grateful for all the things we've done for you, at least have a little dignity, don't whine, and don't expect to be treated like a fragile doll just because you have a theatrically hypersensitive soul and delusions of entitlement. Some people have indicated that International Socialism's mindless, muddleheaded credos are indicative of a politics poisoned by sticky-fingered streams of frotteurism, racialism, and neopaganism. I can neither confirm nor deny that statement, but I can say that I have often maintained that reasonable people can reasonably disagree. Unfortunately, when dealing with International Socialism and its spokesmen, that claim assumes facts not in evidence. So let me claim instead that International Socialism says that it needs a little more time to clean up its act. As far as I'm concerned, International Socialism's time has run out. The most pestiferous braggarts you'll ever see may possess a mass of “knowledge”, but their brains are unable to organize and register the material they have taken in. International Socialism's magic-bullet explanations reek of alcoholism. I use the word “reek” because there's something fishy about International Socialism's announcements. I personally think it's up to something, something beastly and perhaps even piteous.

International Socialism's calumnies occasionally differ in terms of how morally questionable can they are but generally share one fundamental tendency: They compromise the things that define us, including integrity, justice, love, and sharing. It may be a bit gauche to mention this, but I'm no psychiatrist. Still, from the little I know about psychiatry I can indubitably say that International Socialism seems to exhibit many of the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome. I don't say that to judge but merely to put International Socialism's yawping slurs into perspective.

All the same, many people have been seriously hurt by International Socialism's rebarbative, disorganized screeds. These people tell me they do not need tears or sympathy or even prayers. They need action. They need us to outline International Socialism's troubling pattern of lying, incompetence, and carelessness. They need us to realize that International Socialism had previously claimed that it had no intention to shred the basic compact between the people and their government. Of course, shortly thereafter, that's exactly what it did. Next, it denied that it would crucify us on the cross of triumphalism. We all know what happened then. Now, International Socialism would have us believe it'd never ever censor any incomplicitous writings. Will it? Go figure. My view is that International Socialism likes to quote all of the saccharine, sticky moralisms about “human rights” and the evils of colonialism. But as soon as we stop paying attention, it invariably instructs its slaves to authorize, promote, celebrate, and legitimize abysmal aspheterism. Then, when someone notices, the pattern repeats from the beginning. Though this game may seem perverse beyond belief to any sane individual it makes perfect sense in light of International Socialism's self-satisfied, obstinate hariolations.

International Socialism cotton to oligarchism. I submit that everyone should stop and mull that assertion. Then, people will understand why International Socialism always puts a fugleman in charge of promoting ageism's traits as normative values to be embraced. That way, International Socialism can feign innocence, as it wasn't the one who did anything wrong. In fact, it can easily deny that if it were to use more accessible language then a larger number of people would be able to understand what it's saying. The downside for International Socialism, of course, is that a larger number of people would also understand that society must soon decide either to contain the pungent stench of general immorality and depravity emanating from its imperium or else to let International Socialism keep a close eye on those who look like they might think an unapproved thought. The decision is one of life or death, peaceful existence or perpetual social fever. I can hope only that those in charge realize that each rung on the ladder of scapegoatism is a crisis of some kind. Each crisis supplies an excuse for International Socialism to subordinate all spheres of society to an ideological vision of organic community. That is the standard process by which chthonic moral weaklings annihilate a person's personality, individuality, will, and character.

Several things International Socialism has said have brought me to the boiling point. The statement of its that made the strongest impression on me, however, was something to the effect of how five-crystal orgone generators can eliminate mind-control energies that are being radiated from secret, underground, government facilities. International Socialism intends to put its splenetic phalanx of unprincipled, acrimonious zobs in charge of changing children's values from those taught in the home to those considered chic by coldhearted picaros. We should not stand for that, with that, or by that. Rather, we should make it clear that the public is like a giant that International Socialism has blindfolded, drugged, and gagged. This giant has plugs in his ears and International Socialism leads him around by the nose. Clearly, such a giant needs to protect little children from inane drongos like International Socialism. That's why I feel obligated to notify the giant (i.e., the public) that International Socialism likes to brag about how the members of its entourage are ideologically diverse. Perhaps that means that some of them prefer Stalin over Hitler. In any case, International Socialism has hatched all sorts of inhumane plans. Remember its attempt to usher in the rule of the Antichrist and the apocalyptic end times? No? That's because International Socialism is so good at concealing its distasteful activities.

I personally am not trying to smear anybody. I just want to ensure that everyone knows that I insist I know why International Socialism has been impeding every diplomatic, security, and social priority on which our government needs to focus its efforts. It considers it an interesting sociological experiment for determining whether people can be influenced to dismantle the guard rails that protect society from the resentful elements in its midst.

What I want to know is how many people have had their lives ruined by International Socialism. Dozens, unquestionably. Hundreds, very possibly. Thousands is not out of the realm of possibility. Regardless of the exact number, one of International Socialism's most deeply held beliefs is that people whose working-class credentials are not considered impeccable by International Socialism and its neocolonialism squad should have to go through rituals of self-criticism or “autocritique”, confessing their incorrigible bourgeois intellectual habits in order to purify themselves. In addition to all of the obviously unimaginative aspects of that belief, I should note that the hour is late indeed. Fortunately, it's not yet too late to solve the problems of caciquism, mysticism, economic inequality, and lack of equal opportunity. As a parting thought, let these sterling words of wisdom be most thoroughly and attentively perused: International Socialism's incessant bloviating leads me to believe that International Socialism would have me recant all of the claims I've made in this letter.

From where has this putrid, disgusting, filthy slander against the International Worker's Revolution been spewed!?!?!!!

International socialism


Opinion noted.

If you don't believe in the inevitable International Worker's Revolution and stand by it with you and the Proletariat hand in hand then you are a capitalistic parasite, feasting on the hard earned toils of the downtrodden and greedily lining your pockets with the aforementioned toils of which you didn't earn with the sweat of your brow.

After a long Vacation, i am back.

The supremacian government

hey, although I'm a puppet, I joined. My main nation is still communist but I have comrades trapped in a pigdog region and I can't just leave them there to rot. they are trying to bring communism to it but idk how well it's going so....I moved a puppet here cause THE FLAME OF COMMUNISM MUST BURN ON

The supremacian government

but otherwise...hello new comrades

The supremacian government

if you wanna see my main you go

The new soviet supremacy

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How do you bring back the socialism policy

Greetings, comrades!


Workers of the world Unite!!

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The unitary labour commune

Hello y'all,

So, any favourites in the DNC primaries?

Is there a Communist policy and if so how do you get it?

Red alert comrades, 2019 N-Day incoming: page=news

United western lands

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Greetings comrades,

the ministry of foreign affairs announces the immediate relocation of our political sphere to the region of „International Socialism“ on the personal request of Administrator Green.

We are looking forward to a prosperous, cooperative and long lasting alliance.

Our ultimate goal is the unification of all mankind, in disregard of race, gender or religion, under one banner. With a strong leader behind us.
Prosperity lies in unity!

Signed: Administrator Green

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How are you?

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