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What happen here?

Renway wrote:What happen here?

What do you mean? My friend.

Chuliu Emperor wrote:What do you mean? My friend.

something with the mods happen

Renway wrote:something with the mods happen

Haha, I see. Our region challenge mod.

Chuliu Emperor wrote:Haha, I see. Our region challenge mod.

Yaluna told me just now, he not challenge mod, he spam the raider because they raid the region The Embassy.

Hello everyone in the region!

Yaluna wrote:Hello everyone in the region!

I'm fine.

We were having trouble telling our cookies from our biscuits. Some were even saying one was better than the other.

It came to Laraniem's attention, that this serious matter be handled properly.

Which baked good is the best?


If you're unsure if your region is supposed to receive this poll run, check our list and correct us if we're wrong

Post self-deleted by Yaluna.

Yaluna wrote:Let's play with the price of Chuliu Emperor's card. Now many of them already bought the card with high value, now it's time we reduce the value of the card.

Why Maricoen bought my card with value 2.00 and 1.25? The Timao always try to cheat people with higher price.

*a spring breeze blows in gently~ 🌸As some cherry blossom petals settle on the ground the visitor speaks*

Greetings dear friends and allies, I hope you all had a good weekend!!😄Just dropping by to check in and say hello, hope all the nations and pinocchios* are doing well. We'll be ramping up things in our region soon so don't hesitate to drop by sometime!
Currently our diplomatic survey on Which pie is the most popular in your country? will finish this week so be sure to register your vote by then! 😋
In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy wherever you are! 😷

Warm Regards,

Carl Barks🦆

P.s Pinocchio is Lewisham slang for 'puppets'

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