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There was a land of cavaliers and cotton fields called the old south. Here in this pretty world gallantry took its last bow. Here was the last ever to be seen of knights and their ladies fair. Of master and of slave. Look for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream remembered. A civilization gone with the wind.

And here it has returned, free and safe.

Rurlmerica, Dixie mississippi, and Southern Republic of Dixie

Alright! We have a founder again.

Dixie mississippi

Anyone here?

Dixie mississippi wrote:Anyone here?

Now and then. It's a sleepy region.

Dixie mississippi

I think I'll stay here. This was the only Dixie region I could find that wasn't raided and taken over by communists.

Dixie alabama

Hello just another confederacy not communist im just like you hope to be great with y'all.

If you need a WA delegate I can do it just let me know or don't :/

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the sleepy region of dixie glad to have you alabama

The seceded state of tennessee


Welcome to Dixie Tennessee for you'll wipe those yankee boys as you say you will.

Sorry I'm late. I just put myself back together after a Two year vacation. Us Floridians aren't good at vacations, we're used to being the place other people go for a vacation. Vacation... You get the point. I need to find another word for vacation... Getaway? Too casual... Sejourn? Too formal... Guess I'll stick with the V-word.

Today was pretty aids, didn't get to sleep, horrific pains, vomiting, stepped on a Wolf Spider skin, and to top it all off. I found a half frozen lizard, and now have to worry if I did enough to save it's life.

Still getting used to it, Tornado came through my Grandparents area a month back and tore down my Childhood tree. 300 Year Oak Tree. Gone. Now I've seen it in person, Their yard just looks... Wrong, without it.

Hope you folks have had a good year this year and hope to see you succeed next year.

Hey I just joined


I just noticed the most popular video on youtube of the song "Ye Cavaliers of Dixie" has "mysteriously" disappeared. Saddening.

Hope you guys are having a good year so far just wanted to say I'm happy you are here to experience the southern living.

Howdy...fellow compatriots... bringin' Dixie ...HOME! Glad to be here.

Got 500 million people.

Welcome the two newest members The Confederacy of Eastern Tennessee and The Confederacy of Northern Dixieland
I hope y'all enjoy your new region.

My birthday is tomorrow.
That's all I have to say today.

Southern Republic of Dixie wrote:My birthday is tomorrow.
That's all I have to say today.

Early happy birthday!

Happy Birthday mate. Technically it's your birthday right now, right?

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