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Most of us hang out in the NationStates subforum. Actually you can go to each of our nation pages and click on View Forum Posts to see what we've been writing.

Time to wake up!


Looks like someone got deated.

Its very quiet here. Anyone looking to make this place more happening on the RMB?

Eh, we're quiet until we're not quiet. We just talk through other means.

Through the power... of DANCE.

We've received a number of embassy requests over time and I've rejected a few. There's not been much of a guideline to how I do it. Other than maybe I'll take a look at their region page and see if they're just spamming people for embassies. And reject because of that. Otherwise, eh, I'll do whatever. :P So to people who submit requests, don't be offended if I reject them.


Zombie free! It's the place to be!

Post self-deleted by Kyndercorp.

Happy January first!

Huzzah! Happy New Year!

Ah. I see that His Imperial Majesty's subjects are the finest in the Concordat when it comes to intellectual prowess. *Pipesmokes*

Hello, Concordat of Phoenix! How are you guys?

Quiet but reasonably well!

Thats great to hear :D
Sorry its been so long since I last checked in with you guys here.

Ah, once more th Empire ranks best in... wait, what?! o_O

Oooh, embassy posting. [voice=1980s Wendy's commercial] Veddy nice. [/voice]


Y'all must have really awful nations if we're leading the HDI...

It's all lies! We ban the WA from NG too!

Yay, networking!

Lookie, ma! Furr'ners!

Hello from the Worldly Debate Region! Thank you for establishing embassies with us, we hope to build and maintain a long lasting and friendly relationship with you guys! :)