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Sierra Grand wrote:That was my fun fact

Wow epico

Nation nam e

RMB Post

The Potatoez wrote:I even have TG evidence .__.
Well krap :/

This wasn't a good idea :c

Nation nam e wrote:RMB Post

All you are doing is clogging the RMB

Nation nam e

Sierra Grand wrote:Puppet
All you are doing is clogging the RMB

RMB Answer: :(

Hey Mendistan!

Sysillia wrote:Hey Mendistan!

wait what

Sysillia wrote:Hey Mendistan!



Post by Sawism suppressed by The Age of Utopia.

The Potatoez wrote:Hmmm that sucks
I got big brain quote:
Win the civil war B)

My gay lasers defeated then

Raid failed.
A bunch of people came in and cleared the field.

And will everybody that had me endorsed please endorse me again :c

New factbook posted:


What are Anthropomorphics

If you read a fiction book, or watched a cartoon, then you've probably come across anthropomorphic animals. Normally, when you think of anthropomorphics, you think furries living in a human-like society, filled with walking on two feet, going to work, social media, and of course, human clothes.

You know of cartoons starring anthropomorphics like Zootopia, Sing (2016 movie), and Joe Murray's TV shows. But those silly adventures the anthropomorphics go on are known only outside of Crossoveria. Sure, those adventures are known in Crossoveria, too, but there's a whole new story.

Anthropomorphic animals are a race of citizens from Crossoveria, especially from the state of Elmore. That doesn't mean that Crossoveria was kind to anthropomorphics. In fact, anthropomorphics have been well cited with policies that discriminate against them, as well as policies restricting human clothing to anthropomorphics.

What's the story about these creatures?

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Era, anthropomorphic animals ruled Crossoveria. Crossoveria, which was called Mandie back then, was an unoccupied land mass (when I meant unoccupied, I meant mankind wasn't living in Mandie back then) filled with beautiful plants and animals living together in harmony. The king at the time was Drawoc (which is basically a courageous version of the Cowardly Lion), and he was a very stable ruler (more stable than Europe's most stable king).

But that slowly began to change, when Middle Eastern explorers discovered Mandie en route to India for spices. Assuming they reached India, they would expect to meet natives there, but they found anthropomorphic animals instead. These animals told the explorers to get out of their territory or face severe consequences. That's when Drawoc comes in. He calmly welcomes them in for a temporary stay. The explorer's felt so at home in Mandie they permanently quit their mission and settled.

Drawoc and the main explorer, Tariq al-Barakah, Signed a truce. al-Barakah would promise not to hurt the animals, and Drawoc promised to always help and protect the new immigrants. The anthropomorphics soon helped the immigrants build a small village they could live in, and bears would guard the village.

Relations between humans and anthropomorphics grew friendly, and by the late 19th century, anthropomorphics started wearing human clothing. It was also at this point where they settled in a territory in Crossoveria that's now Elmore. Crossoveria was still called Mandie until 1980's, when a revolution broke out.

At first, anthropomorphics had no problem with the new government in place, assuming it wouldn't do any harm. This false assumption was kept for the next 25 years. In 2004, Elmore was marked as a Crossoverian state, and the anthropomorphics were viewed as citizens. But then there's the Appropriate Animal Attire Policy.

Why weren't anthropomorphic animals allowed to wear human clothes?

In 2010, Crossoveria introduced a policy limiting, and sometimes seizing, the right for anthropomorphics to wear human clothes. According to the government of Crossoveria, anthropomorphics who wear clothes were shown to violate mother nature's recipes. They are also aware that mankind is the result of animals' lives being at risk, and since anthropomorphics are animals, the government doesn't want them to get involved.

But the human clothing ban implemented on anthropomorphics wasn't limited to normal life, but went so far as to affect popular culture. Joe Murray's two creations, Rocko's Modern Life and Camp Lazlo took its toll on the Crossoverian government. Rocko, the main character in Rocko's Modern Life is shown to not wear the shirt and shoes he usually wears in the American version.(The same went for Scardey Squirrel, who is shown without a shirt and shorts.) All rude humor was removed as well. As for Camp Lazlo, it was banned entirely in Crossoveria. (Almost Naked Animals suffered the same fate.)

But those two weren't the only shows affected. The Amazing World of Gumball shows Gumball, Darwin, and Anais as live animals, and Richard and Nicole are shown as humans. Luckily, the show was never banned. Cartoon Network was also safe, with the releases of Adventure Time and Regular Show being allowed to air on Crossoverian cable due to its anthropomorphic characters not wearing clothes.

PBS Kids shows hit hard the most, as a lot of their shows consisted of anthropomorphic animals. When a preview of Nature Cat was shown to Crossoverian officials, they demanding that the Crossoverian version left out any source of clothing on the anthropomorphic characters. Arthur is banned in Crossoveria. It used to be due to the Attire law. Now, itís on the LGBT representation, as gay representation, even in cartoons, is strictly forbidden in Crossoveria.

TV shows weren't just affected. Though the movie series Madagascar was allowed on theatres, Zootopia and Sing were both edited and shows their anthropomorphics not wearing clothing. Children's books depicting anthropomorphics wearing clothes were pulled from school libraries by the government, and that includes Frog and Toad.

But not all media featuring anthropomorphics were banned or edited. Mickey Mouse and his friends were allowed to keep their looks as they were back in America, due to the fact that Mickey Mouse was a very popular character in Crossoveria before the ban. Winnie The Pooh was also kept in place due to its violent popularity.

What happened anthropomorphics?

The Appropriate Animal Attire infuriated anthropomorphics and ceased any friendship between the two races, and with riots and protests that led to the arrests of many well-known anthropomorphics, tensions grew violently hostile between humans and anthropomorphics.

Capital Punishment was limited to anthropomorphics on Ramadan 2013, and 34 anthropomorphics got executed. Many more, including everyone's favorite Nickelodeon wallaby, were subject to white torture and imprisonment. No fines were given, as it was deemed "too safe".

The 2010's were a horrible decade for anthropomorphics to wear clothes. During that time since the Appropriate Animal Attire Policy, 12,758 anthropomorphics faced punishments by authorities, some of them on death row.

One of the most famous anthropomorphic casualties was Buster Moon, who you thought was a character from the movie Sing. A sequel may come up, but that's because Moon was pardoned and freed after a year of exile. More on the story here.

This is a sad story, but anthropomorphics had worked hard to maintain their rights in Crossoveria. Plenty had moved to America as refugees to share their stories with the world, and make humans pay attention to the harsh reality of anthropomorphic lives.

People have thought anthropomorphism was a cute subject revolving around animals living their lives as humans. And you may believe that anthropomorphic animals live their lives happily. This is most definitely not the case. But ever since the events of the most recent revolution in 2021, anthropomorphics have now gotten their human clothes rights back.

Nickelodeon gets their wallaby back after several years living in nothing but white, so he'll probably need support. Either way, 2021 would be a joyous year for the anthropomorphics, as they hope, and they're ready to share their stories internationally. And Crossoveria recently employed anthropomorphic Porkchop Funnie into the position of Equal Rights Secretary, making history as the first anthropomorphic animal to do so.

Read factbook

This tells the story of anthropomorphics in Crossoveria

OOC: this is just a fantasy. I don't own the characters shown here, and they belong to their creators. This just tells how media was affected by the notorious policy.

Sysillia wrote:Hey Mendistan!

Hi Man!

The Potatoez wrote:E

Im talking to my friend here ^.^

The Potatoez wrote:E


Kingdom of Mendistan wrote:Im talking to my friend here ^.^


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The Potatoez wrote:KoowlEEEEEEEEE

Ya like my flag? I just changed it.

Kingdom of Mendistan wrote:Ya like my flag? I just changed it.


oof i've been gone for a bit

Bear lair wrote:oof i've been gone for a bit

Before you do, can you tell me about the culture of this region?

I changed my flag again..

Rodger wrote:Before you do, can you tell me about the culture of this region?

what are you an exploring thing

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