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Guide to The League of Nations

The League of Nations

Guide to THTHI's League of Nations.

How to join and League FAQ's

How do I join the LoN? The majority of our roleplay votes take place on THTHI's Discord server. If you want to join you will need to be in the discord server as well. If you are already in the discord just ask Roleplay Moderator Cenagrad (Discord name is Cena) to let you in.

What is the League of Nations and what is it about? The League of Nations is a diplomatic forum designed to facilitate international diplomacy and regional roleplay that is more mature in nature. The goal is to develop our regional RP style beyond just war based/conflict RP.

Can I join alliances and still be in the LoN? Yes, you can be in alliances and the LoN at the same time. The LoN isn't an alliance, nor will it help defend you in your wars under normal circumstances.

I want to submit a resolution banning something to the LoN for all its members, can I do that? No, the LoN doesnít have the power to influence the affairs of nations directly through resolutions, resolutions are not laws and will not be considered such because the LoN does not have the authority to rule over its member states as it is not a world government.

Can I be elected to more than one position in the LoN? Yes, you can be elected to multiple positions in the LoN.

Structure of the LoN

The LoN Charter

The General Assembly
The General Assembly handles diplomatic issues concerning the international body. For example agreeing to send international relief to disaster zones. Each member of the League of Nations will have a delegate within the General Assembly.
Each delegate has one vote and decisions are determined by a majority vote.
The General Assembly can amend the LoN Charter with a 2/3 majority approval vote.
The General Assembly can vote to begin impeachment proceedings against the Secretary General, A Security Council Chairholder, or a Department Head. If successful, the vote proceeds on to the Security Council.

All members are expected to act in spirit of the charter and its passed resolutions.

The Security Council
The Security Council is made up of 5 permanent members and 5 temporary members that that are elected every 2 and a half years (15 irl days).
The Security Council's primary role is to determine wether or not to deploy League peacekeeping forces made up of all member states to locations around the world.
To deploy peacekeeping forces a 4/5ths majority vote is required.
Peacekeeping forces can not be deployed under any circumstances if a vote has not specifically taken place and passed within the security council.
The Security Council also has the power to remove a Secretary General, another Security Council Chairholder or a Department Head from office.
To remove the Secretary General, another Security Council Chairholder or a Department Head an Impeachment resolution requires a majority vote in the General Assembly first. If the majority vote to impeach is successful in the General Assembly then removal from office requires a 2/3rds majority vote from the Security Council.
Following a 2/3rds majority vote the Security Council can remove a Department Head from office.
Each member of the security council has a single vote.
Only the security council can decide wether or not to deploy peacekeeping forces. Even after forces have been deployed if council members have decided that LoN Peacekeeping forces should no longer be deployed they can request a revote after there is a noticeable opinion shift. These forces are deployed during a humanitarian crisis, police action, or defensive operations, not to fight an offensive war.

The Geopolitical Advisory Board
The Geopolitical Advisory Board is tasked with keeping up to date with the geopolitical tensions of Kalrania and advising the Security Council when necessary. This way the Security Council can make informed decisions if they are ever tasked with deciding to deploy peacekeeping forces.
The Board consists as a 3 member panel that is elected every 5 years. (30irl days)
Board members are allowed to attend Security Council level meetings but are not allowed to vote in them unless they are also on the security council.

The Secretary General
The Secretary General is the head of the League of Nations.
All unspecified powers are controlled by the Secretary General unless stated otherwise in the charter.
The job of the Secretary General is to start voting on League decisions, both in the General Assembly and in the Security Council.
The Secretary General is elected through the members of the General Assembly and serves for 5 years (30 irl days) after which another election occurs.
A nationís representative can only be Secretary General two times in a row before they are term limited for two cycles.
The Secretary General is not allowed to vote in the Security Council. (unless they are also a security council member)
Only the Secretary General can start an LoN vote. However any member can propose a resolution to be voted upon.
The sole vote that can take place without the Secretary General leading the vote is a vote to impeach the Secretary General. A Secretary General impeachment vote will be led by the most senior (excluding the SG if they are on the council) Security Council member by chair order.


Officials are elected every month

BRU (Biological Response Union)
The BRU (Biological Response Union) was founded by Woleve Atraland. The Biological Response Union, is a department of the League of Nations. It's focus is to get nations to work together whenever a biological (disease, pathogen,etc.) threat on a multi nation scale presents itself. So for example, if a new Hemorrhagic Fever appears and spreads across many nations, the BRU would come together to quarantine the areas effected, provide medical and financial support to those in need, provide refuge for anyone in need, provide a military police to keep order for those in need, and to research the pathogen and then work together to create a cure or vaccine, and ensure the pathogen never breaks out again, and finally help rebuild the nations and areas destroyed by the outbreak. The following list shows all the jobs of the BRU:
1.) To research pathogens and find and create vaccines and cures
2.) Provide proper quarantine and prevent pathogens from spreading
3.) Provide shelter, food, water, medical support, law enforcement, and safety to refugees and infected areas
4.)To provide the proper tools and knowledge to all nations to allow them to better handle biological threats
5.) To be a shield against all biological threats on Kalrania

DIT (Department of International Trade)
First proposed by Redpeppers, The Department of International Trade (DIT) serves as a department of the League of Nations. The DIT seeks to increase international trade between member states and ease trade relations between said members. DIT, however, does not impose trade regulations, tariffs, or rules, as to not violate national sovereignty. Rather, it serves to mediate in trade disputes and aid in currency exchange It is responsible for:
I: Setting up monetary exchange hubs, where citizens of member states can exchange their national currency for a foreign currency unit for use in international transactions between member states;
II: Mediate in disputes over international trade between member states

LoN Officials

Secretary General:Rumanian States
Chairman of the BRU:Dwarf Land4
Chairman of the DIT:Rekken
Security Council Seats:

Permanent Security Council Seats
Chair One:Cenagrad
Chair Two:Rumanian States
Chair Three:Schwypia
Chair Four: Archron Empire
Chair Five: Dwarf Land4

Non-Permanent Security Council Seats
Chair Six:Artaecus
Chair Seven:Nonadia
Chair Eight:Khosrau
Chair Nine:Evacasia
Chair Ten:Rekken

Geopolitical Advisory Board Seats
Chair One:Cenagrad
Chair Two:Dwarf Land4
Chair Three:Archron Empire

LoN Member Nations

Current League Members
Rumanian States
Central State of Kowen
Dwarf Land4
Archron Empire
Doge Land
East Evvia

The City State of Cenagrad