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by The Animals' Republic of Vegaslovakia. . 52 reads.

[Read the note in brackets below] Second Revised Socialist Constitution of the Animals' Republic of Vegaslovakia

[Note: This is pinned in Misanthropic Bloc for historical and philosophical purposes]

I: Monarchies cannot legally come to power. We define monarchy as any system in which the direct, first-degree descendant of an already-in-office politician rises to power in the same political position as aforementioned biological parent in the immediately vacant term upon the aforementioned parent's leave from office.

II: This constitution will be engraved on a public statue within every city, in whatever the local dialect(s) is(/ are). Whether the statue be a commemoration of an honorable human or not above the box where it is engraved will be up to the sculptor, as well as any other artistic choice they may make. The constitution's amendments can also be added upon with amendments proposed by the General Chairperson, which the people themselves will vote on.

III: Human citizens have the guaranteed right to healthcare, education, vegan food and shelter. Education includes arms and combat training, and gun ownership is compulsory, as is the ownership of at least one melee weapon, for citizens not put within prison or labor camps. Those put within prison or labor camps are denied access to weaponry. Whether they have freedom of leisure is left up to the commons. The right to healthcare means that human bodies are donated to science after their (the body's) sentience (consciousness) has ended. Nonhumans will not be used for the benefit of humans.

IV: Volunteer guard uniforms will always have cameras and recording devices attached which they cannot turn off, airing the recordings on live TV and radio. Since the uniforms can be so numerous, separate TVs and radios are issued to Vegaslovakian citizens so that they can just flip through the channels whenever to avoid the phenomena of guard brutality. The aforementioned radio and television stations pick up signals from satellites of the Vegaslovakian Space Program and its allies, which pick up the recordings from the recording devices themselves.

V: Civil courts will continue to be the juries of the country, and anyone can testify witnessing something at the crime scene as well as give evidence. However, the only people forced to be present are those who were actually there.

VI: This being said, after the politburo reviews any votes for a political position as not being the direct and first-degree descendant of the individual immediately before them in the same political position, it should be noted that our country has a secret ballot - there is no need for the voters to sign their votes with their own names so long as they get one vote each upon an administrator, at whatever voting center they use, logging in the database that they already entered the vote. This is how it works: volunteer guards are present in the buildings to make sure that nobody sabotages the semi-democratic process (not fully democratic, see VII.) but in order to avoid bias or pressuring the voters, cameras are absent from the buildings. Only one person can enter a booth at a time, with reasonable precautions being taken to ensure this such as the leaving behind of any luggage they bring to the building... Leaving it behind as in outside it. Once they leave the booth, they show their government-issued IDs to one of the administrators so that their votes are already counted. Volunteer guards will be in the surrounding area to make sure nobody breaks in with luggage. The votes are simply the legal names written out on a slip of paper that are dropped in the ballot box... No need for campaigns or political parties when the common citizens in general can be suspect to getting voted in office. Except, of course, about the anti-monarchy policy. Anyone at least 16 years of age can vote.

VII: The General Chairperson, also known as the Premier, also known as the Supreme Leader, is chosen by a judge of character from the previous General Chairperson, as long as the first amendment stays intact. If they haven't, either the head of military will be promoted to the position, or if the head of military is the direct and first-degree descendant of the General Chairperson, someone actually will, at this point, be able to get voted into the position .They have duties limited to proposing federal legislation. They can do this as well as say how the mood should be set for any news talking of deceased humans. This is limited to its initial reporting, however, it isn't as if only they will be able to write out biographies/documentaries about, or tributes to the deceased humans... Nor will they be able to write or rewrite the records on how they died.

VIII: Other functions of the politburo, its officials also able to be voted in but have no other way to enter the position, are limited to delivering news and administration, or making sure the government stays consistent with its current courses of action. Politburo News Reporter and Politburo Administrator, respectively, are the titles of such positions. Politburo Resource Allocation Reporters are also officials in the politburo, and are responsible for reporting any plans from economic planners of the different provinces of resource allocation or development. They are voted in. The politburo's press is printed and recorded in all widely used languages of Vegaslovakia. Politburo Administrators and Politburo News Reporters are also voted in.

IX: We are a nation that is officially misanthropic, just as other countries are officially atheist. We are officially atheist, too, by the way, but more on that later. The goals of our government are liberation of the Earth and its creatures, and the phasing out of humanity as a result. We, therefore, need some standing human population in order to make the aggressors of the animal kingdom pay, but this also means that mandatory birth control is in place whenever our human population swells to irrational levels (such as the average number of humans per square kilometer all throughout the country meeting or exceeding that same number of humans in some of the world's metropolitan areas). We also have designated, isolated and barren areas (labor camps) which the most indifferent of our humans will be sent to, if not exiled. The most indifferent humans are classed as, in a non-psychiatric term, psychopaths. We define psychopaths as those humans who do not care at all about anybody but themselves. Is this ableist? We beg to differ. Psychopaths already camouflage themselves within society so as to avoid being caught, and does their condition already hurt them? No, in fact, the hardest lives are lived by anyone else who actually has a conscience, who struggles already with moral crises. At the same time, we won't discriminate against humans on the basis of categories that actually are ableist, such as intellectual disability, people not KNOWING, rather than CARING, any better as to what morals are, and those not deemed fit to enter a labor camp such as those humans who are under 25 years of age and therefore their brains are still developing, preventing any way for them to be accurately classified as psychopaths. We also oppose judging humans by their race, ethnicity, culture (within the bounds of culture which does not inherently harm the Earth or its creatures), sex, sexual identity or orientation, actual disability of mental or physical faculties, beliefs not already proven wrong, or religion (although we prefer to rehabilitate people from religion). Religion itself is a poison in our view, although its victims may or may not be at fault for the harm it spreads depending on whether they are humans or not, the latter case in which they cannot accurately be judged by us humans.

X: Our country opposes the oppression of animals both inside and outside of our borders, and this oppression includes factory farming, animal testing for the benefit of humans alone, industrialized hunting grounds (including areas reserved for fishing), slaughterhouses, any polluting industries, and any industries that simply destroy the already existing habitats of nonhuman animals. This means, also, that our government is prohibited from creating or using atomic or nuclear bombs. Nonhuman animals have the guaranteed right to healthcare, food, and shelter. It is illegal to eat roadkill as a human when roadkill can be used to benefit the nonhuman animals still living. When consumable flesh is gone, the rest of the organs are checked for marks to indicate who killed the animal in the autopsy, and if this endeavor is dealt with, the rest is donated to science for the benefit of all animals.

XI: As long as speech, outside of art, does not defame veganism or animal rights in general, citizens have the freedom to criticize and defame our government all they want. The rights to artistic expression are guaranteed regardless of this factor, for it is corrupting for the citizens to never question an artist's depiction as they may in their free time, as art is, of course, reserved for. Artists are usually taken care of here in order to preserve the well-being of those with tortured minds (those being artists and people, in general, with tortured, or indecisive, minds).

XII: People have the right to form workers' and students' unions for any professions or studies that do not inherently oppose the animals. Also, any cultures, subcultures or countercultures which do not inherently oppose the animals are able to be protected by cultural unions.

XIII: Our internet has a censorship board for comments sections in order to find and punish any anti-animal rights reactionaries before they would otherwise be allowed to post the comment. Areas that do have Internet in our country have their computers installed with cameras and recording devices showing and letting others hear, live, any animal abuse, torture, or murder going on in their homes to anyone else who can drop in the server to view, which is anyone else in that area. Computers are hooked up to users' homes by default. Anyone at all with Internet access can drop in the CCTV servers of public areas, although the cameras are usually restricted to watching stuff in the open so as to leave room for citizens to question the government, even if it makes them criminals in their situation.