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Capitalist Paradise | Embassies

The embassy requirements are as followed:

✓ Expresses value to the idea of overall freedom
✓ An active RMB
✓ Is not a raiding region
✓ Does not support or affiliate with raiding regions
✓ Has been active for more than 5 months
✓ The existence of a regional government
✓ The existence of Offsite forum or IRC
✓ More than 25 region citizens

Requesting Procedure

In order to begin an embassy application, telegram The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Poopsancagizal, expressing an interest for an embassy with Capitalist Paradise. Any embassy invitations which do not come with this telegram will not be considered.

There is an optional Embassy Application Form on our regional forums Linkhere for those regions who wish to provide more information. If there are any problems with access, contact the Minister of Interior,The united oman.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The duties of the Minister of Foreign Affairs are defined in the constitution of the Capitalist Paradise as the following:
✓ Entertainment/News regions are an exception to the population rule
✓ A minimum population of 45 residents
✓ Enforcement and defense of this Constitution and the common defense of Capitalist Paradise
✓ Construct and close embassies in accordance to embassy guidelines of the WA Delegate
✓ General management of extra-regional affairs
-To maintain inter-regional dialogue between Capitalist Paradise and all embassy host regions
-May appoint of Ambassadorships to assist in the above duty

For further clarification of these points are below:

Common defense of Capitalist Paradise and its Constitution
This means the Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for protecting the people of the region by helping to detect security threats and to uphold the values of the region, including the enforcement of the constitution in matters within the region.

Threats to Capitalist Paradise can come from within and outside of its borders, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, it is a necessity to view all regional happenings and the national happenings of all nations arriving and leaving Capitalist Paradise. While looking at all of these happenings is important, it does little if one is not aware of signals in the happenings that identify the threats; thus, the Minister of Foreign Affairs requires a working knowledge of suspicious movements. The maintenance of documents to log possible suspicious nations for easy future follow-up is strongly recommended.

When Constitutional matters arrive, the Minister of Foreign Affairs should verify all matters are following Constitutional law.

Management of Extra-Regional Affairs
As the Minister of Foreign Affairs name would imply, any dispute between Capitalist Paradise and another region are handled by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. While the Delegate makes the final decision on all matters where an official stance of Capitalist Paradise is required, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will serve as the voice of Capitalist Paradise in all discussions and negotiations of the matters. The Minister of Foreign Affairs will be the final voice when no decision by the Delegate is needed. The above also applies to disputes between a nation and Capitalist Paradise.

Two examples where Delegate approvals are required: regional merges and requests to banject nations from Capitalist Paradise borders. If any of these requests are unreasonable and clearly against Capitalist Paradise interests, the Minister of Foreign Affairs can end the negotiations.

Appointment of Ambassadorships
Once an embassy meets the desired requirements and is established, the Minister of Foreign Affairs can call for candidates for the Capitalist Paradise Ambassador to the region of the embassy. Candidates are collected for a week and the Minister of Foreign Affairs will choose one of the candidates to become an ambassador. The candidate moves/creates a puppet in the region, if the region requires WA membership of all nations, then there is no ambassador and the Minister of Foreign Affairs maintains a communication channel.

The two points of an ambassador is to simply keep open communication between Capitalist Paradise and the region of the embassy while informing the Minister of Foreign Affairs of any changes in the region's relationship with Capitalist Paradise and if the region no longer meets requirements for an embassy.

Special thanks to Acario for the template and most info.

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