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Hollow Point

In 2008 Smiley Bob stumbled upon Nation States. He invited his friend Them bones and within a week they decided to make their own region. Them bones chose a name for the region and Smiley Bob created it. They invited friends to join them.

Over the years, many nations would come and go from Hollow Point. Several were friends of Smiley Bob before their arrival, others were strangers but all welcomed. Some of the nations made brief stops on their own journeys while others stayed for years.

Hollow Point has been invaded twice. Neither invasion lasted long, but a few nations were lost. After the second invasion, some security was put in place to prevent future invasions.

All these years later, Smiley Bob is still in Hollow Point. Sometimes alone, sometimes with others. Not much ever really happens but Hollow Point is a good place to visit if you just want to get away from it all for a bit.

On December 9, 2016 Hollow Point was the featured region.

The Emoticons of Smiley Bob