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Free Syrian Coalition of NationStates

Refer to this document for further information on the factions: Linklink

The following factions have banded together to form the Free Syrian Coalition with assistance from the Freedom and Justice Alliance:

  • Free Syrian Army on NationStates

  • People's Liberation Faction

  • Leon Sedov Brigade

  • Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union

  • Authenticity and Development Front

  • Martyrs of al-Sham Islamic Movement

  • Alwiya al-Furqan

  • People's Protection Units

  • Women's Protection Units

  • Self-Defense Units

  • Syriac Military Council

  • Sanadid Forces

  • Gathering of the Jazira Brigades

  • Tribal Forces

  • Khabour Guards

  • Sheikhs of Dignity/Quwat al-Fahd