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TRR memes. The unofficial continuation! (In honor of Bozarkia)

TRR RMB without Hatterland, Liberza, Durostan, Wonseon, Eat Pant (R.I.P bozo), or Jutlund:
*Insert image of a desert here*
Literaly Nobady:
Random Person: Dead RMB!

POV: Most of TRR when Aandru and Bozarkia left: 😭
Mhaul: 😏
Liberza (this applies to bozarkia): 😏
The RMB when there is a literal deadly war with many casualties IRL: 🤗
The RMB when someone says that they have the best lore: 🤬

POV: ur asking people what their flag is from 1-10
Literally everyone: 7

People who don't post on the RMB: ◻
People who triple-post on the RMB: 🥴

POV: U just joined TRR
Ur flag:
*Insert old south african flag here*

The entire RMB agreeing that Isreal is actually called Isnotreal: 🤝

POV: u like animals
The RMB: FuRrY!

Durostan and Bozarkia being BFFs (before he quit and all) (Both hate Hungary): 🤗😀

COCF being hated while ACE is being hated too: 😁😐🙁

POV: U just joined TRR
Ur political ideas:

Durostan: Every other letter 😒
Q: 😄👍

Durostan but better randomly dissapearing: 😐✌ ◻

Syndicasia compared to the rest of the RMB (age): 🧓

Classic TRRers watching Liberza and Syndicasia come from TCB: 😐👍

Furrica: We have finally become more compassionate and our HDI is rising!
Humans and furries: 😆
Furrica: For furries of course.
Humans: 💀
Furries: 😆

TMD: Screw religion!
Random nation: Then what?
TMD: I dunno. I never thought I'd get this far.

Syndicasia: Well that depends! Blah blah blah communism, blah blah blah
Everyone: 😐👍

Durostan: 😒👎

Galaad responding to Mhaul and Sartarus after a day: 😮😴😮

ACE: 😎

POV: U just make a flag that Liberza doesn't think is funny
Liberza: 🤬

People who say swear words on the RMB and get banned: 🥴
Bozarkia who used to say [REDACTED]: 🗿

POV: Ur bored on the RMB u need to choose whisely!
🔴 Say Dead RMB
🔵 Say E

Durostan being the biggest FNAF lover the world has ever seen: 🗿

The COCF ACE war: 🥴
The Syndicasia Galaad war: 💪

Liberzan Lore: 📔📕📗📘📙📚📓📒
Bozarkian Lore: 📖

Liberza trying not to change it's flag for 2.5 seconds: 💀
Durostan who never changed their flag: 🤣

Europeasia coming back from the dead just because someone actually remembered him: 🗿

Live fotage of TRR RMB:
*Insert chaos here*

Jutlund when a cat was called Salmons: 🤬

Strachostan updating his flag for some reason: 😁

TMD trying to raid TNP: 😡

When an RO posts an RMB post
Literally everyone: ❤

How the ROs act when ur new: 🤗
How the ROs act when u've been here for a year: 🤬

Frattastan II being the only RO that understood Bozarkia: 🗿

Woodstock: 🤓🤓🤓 ur leader cant have octillions of your currency in his net worth that's hyperinflation 🤓🤓🤓
Durostan: last time i checked not everything on this game has to be realistic 😑

Bozarkia when he had a better influence then Mad Jack: 💪

TMD: no

The Durostani Empire in 972: 😐✌◻

Everybody in desanta peradino randomly turning into a wolf: 🐺

The Kreig Armys flag: 💀

Potionballs creating a countryball for everybody: 🤗

The Aqavi Empire in 401: ◻

Winton randomly existing for 25 octillion years: 😀👍

Everyone in TRR agreeing that France is cringe: 🤝

Attestaltaragaby after being positive and liking literally every post: 😀

Arctic Lands after loving vat plants for some reason: 😀