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Augustus Avenue

Augustus Avenue is a neighborhood that had initially been built for a variety of Government offices but they ended up in Kings Street instead leaving Augustus Avenue abandoned for a few decades. Fast forward till recently with Parliament debating where to put foreign embassies they decide to call in residents of Vallengard for suggestions and an elderly man who lived a street over from Augustus Avenue and thus suggested that neighborhood. The Avenue has thus been renovated and finished in 2022

The foreign quarters of Vallengard viewtopic.php?f=23&t=523488#p39935102

1 Augustus Avenue
Primary Resident Jack Lavery, Ambassador of the United States of Rary

2 Augustus Avenue
Primary Resident Walt Goodman, Ambassador for the Most Serene Republic of Istastioner

The Omahan States
3 Augustus Avenue
Primary Resident Ernamauji Samauri, Ambassador for the Federation of the Omahan States

4 Augustus Avenue
Primary Resident Martha Baxter Ambassador for the Confederate States of Anagonia

5 Augustus Avenue
Primary Resident Greg Stevenson, Ambassador for The Marajarbian Federation