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The Weapon of Infinity

The Weapon of Infinity is the most powerful weapon created in the entire Multireality. It is powered by imagination and can take any form the user imagines. It is said to have been forged by the original Infinities and can destroy anything that exists and doesn't exist. However, it has weaknesses. If any person puts a No Weapon of Infinity barrier somewhere, it transforms into the Meta-Weapon of Infinity, which is still indestructible but is only as strong as steel.

There is only one Weapon of Infinity, which is wielded by Sultan, however, its counterpart, The Weapon of Unfinity, (which has the same properties as the Weapon of Infinity) is wielded by Herobrine and DJ Octavio. The Weapon of Infinity is a valuable treasure and whoever owns it should consider themselves as the luckiest entity alive/dead.