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by The A Game Mod went all the way to looking up my nation and all they gave me was this lousy pre-title of Islands Of Ventro. . 39 reads.

Pay no attention to this, weary card travelers

For this next segment you will have to go back pretty far to find its similar, one year and 76 days to be exact. That's right, we're doing another synapsis portion, where we go back and look at all the things that have happened in the past articles, in a quick neat fashion.

Starting with the Thirteenth article which introduced this topic and explained articles, 1-12. If you want to check them out just click the link and read. Now onto the Fourteenth article where Vylixanwon the monthly contest with their collection (the theme being no theme) Going onto the fifteenth article. THis article was the turning point on the cards leaderboard, as both Giovanniland and Mikeswill took first as Koem Kab fell (Crazy to think that its been that long). Vylixan was the only entrance to the monthly contest and therefore won the contest, nabbin themselves a shiny legendary card.

The sixteenth article featured a warming message from the founder of the the card gardens, The Unified Missourtama States, that congratulated the gardens on a good year. It also did a commentary contest where the ore you interactively talked the higher you were ranked. THis article also shared the results of a short story (related to cards) contest that had been announced in the last article, this contest was won by....nobody (cause nobody submitted), because of this a new contest was made under the same rules.

In the seventeenth article a big discussion took place over the ending of tcals, a system which increased the chances for certain cards to be pulled depending on their bid in the auction house, In this issue Indusse also won the short story contest. In the eighteenth edition there was more discussion about the ending of tcals and this was the first introduction of the card question of the week. The first purge also happened this week with more then half of the gardens population being cut.

The nineteenth edition of the gazette included the data statistics for giveaway wins across the entire year of 2021. This issue also introduced the idaea of the collection bracket. In the twentieth edition the gardens got a massive surge of many new members, including the notorious Neim. In the twenty-first edition a valentines day contest was held in which the collection, "Empty collection" by Racoda won. (Being the only participant, fitting). And hype was created for the upcoming gardener of the year award.

In the twenty-second edition the gardener of the year was announced, being Vylixan. Voting for the collection contest took place with, with the two winners being Vylixan, and Polinasia. The twenty-third edition This is the one where I joined (:. In this edition the 2nd ever gardening contest took place with Ioavollrwinning it with a beautiful sketch. Along with this a second collection contest was announced. In the twenty-fourth edition, Polinasia won the collection contest, and the nefarious news theme was released for the next contest.

The twenty-fifth edition of the Gazette included a detailed interview with Hustlertwo who managed to get into the top 100 of cards without owning a single puppet. It also included the results of the theme contest from the last issue (News remember) where out of the three contestants Apexiala. Finally the last issue of the Gazette that was written (before this one of course) is the twenty-sixth edition, in this endion we saw the results for the second card bracket, in which the winners were Panagouge and Aerilia. Finally this saw the introduction of the Card Poetry Contest, which will most likely be talked about in this issue (I don't know, i'm writing this like 2 weeks beforehand.)

Well that was a lot of summarizing, I hope you enjoyed the little review of all the past issues we've put together here. To the past of the gazette, and to a bright future!