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by The Kingdom of Brototh. . 192 reads.

Political Party Deregulation Act (Amendments to Leg Res 058)

Author: Brototh
Sponsor: Toerana V, Sunipi

Noting the potential benefits of having a legally established method for the formation of a political party, such as the reserved ownership of names, acronyms, and inclusion on a state list of political parties,
Understanding the reasoning why there are requirements for parties, to ensure that the political system is not flooded enmasse with organisations that may never gain more than a single member without any established political beliefs,
Believing that the current requirements and restrictions are draconian, harm fringe and otherwise smaller political movements, and otherwise only benefit parties that conform the norm of the two party system,
Committed to democracy and the unconditional and inalienable right of all citizens to organise a political party to promote their beliefs, no matter how big or small their name is, no matter the level of support for their beliefs,

Congress hereby agrees,

Section I
Any political group wishing to obtain official status as a political party must comply with the following requirements:

    Have at least 5 member nations, all of which citizens of Thaecia.

    Present an official factbook with a list of members, all of which must be citizens of Thaecia, with the factbook having to be updated at least once every twenty-one (21) days unless the party has obtained no new members in that time period and no members have left in the same.

    Present an official party name and acronym.

    Present a list of policies supported by the party.

    Fullfills any other requirements set throughout this Act.

Section II
A political party which fails to comply with any of these requirements is to have it's official recognition stripped, however can re-obtain it provided the party complies with the requirements.

    A political party is not disbanded if it has its recognition stripped, however it is not to be recognised by the Electoral Commission for elections or given any of the rights enjoyed by recognised parties throughout this bill, barring Article V Section I.

    A political party will retain the rights enjoyed by recognised parties throughout this bill after their recognition is stripped for a period of seven (7) days after the fact.

Strikes Article VI, replacing it with the following:

Section I
Upon the passage of this Act, political parties with at least one (1) member of Congress in any Chamber shall be entitled to automatic legal recognition.

The Kingdom of Brototh