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July Featured Warden: Vis


News from TGW:
  • Commander Roavin was Linksuccessfully nominated to join the Monument of the Grey, a regional award for the most notable Wardens in history, following an overwhelming regional vote in favor of his admission.

  • After brief negotiations, The Grey Wardens amended The Andruil Protocols with Spiritus and reaffirmed the treaty's commitments to one another.

  • Warden Trivene aka Moon was promoted to Warden Constable for their help publishing these fancy Featured Warden editions and overall celestial coolness during military operations.

  • Constable Nakari launched a Dragon Age discussion region within The Fade for Dragon Age lovers and roleplay enthusiasts alike.

Featured Warden: Vis

Visionary Union, better known as Vis to all around him, joined us in early 2021 after Nakari lured him out to the TGW server to play Dragon Age with others. Already established in The Rejected Realms (TRR) before this, Vis has remained a constant social presence in our offsite platforms since then, guiding new players in getting acclimated with NationStates, lending aid in major operations and tormenting his regionmates as much as he can, whether it be on Discord or on the fields of LinkKrunker. Feeling particularly sadistic this month, First Warden Grea Kriopia sent Constable Moon to interview this steadfast Warden after his recent promotion to TGW’s Chief Medical Officer, a role he has been abusing to force Moon to sleep early.

July's Featured Warden
Visionary Union

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Joined NS


Joined TGW

March 22, 2021


March 22, 2021 - Present

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March 22, 2021

Vis: Hey, I'm Vis. I've been in TRR for almost two years and a little over a year in TGW.

Moon: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Vis! When and how did you first find out about NationStates?

Vis: I actually joined NS twice, my first time was in like 2015/2016, a minecraft forum server that I frequented had opened a region in NS, so I joined to see what was the fuss all about. We didn't really do anything, and the region died fairly quickly, while I left that forum. I returned in 2018, and then started to interact with major regions.

Moon: That sounds cool! What was the first region you got involved with after your return?

Vis: Oof, kind of a sore spot, but Osiris.

Moon: Oof, that must've been interesting. You were a raider first, then?

Vis: Yeah, I used to be a raider with the Sekhmet (or however it's spelled) Legion, it was my first interaction with GP in general and R/D in particular.

Moon: What made you leave Osiris and join TGW then?

Vis: After a year and a half in Osiris, I left it for TRR and found a new community to be a part of. I've always viewed myself as a regionalist, I tend to focus on the region I'm in rather than spread myself over several regions without committing to either. During my time in TRR, I've gotten to know Nakarisaune, who of course was already a very respected member of TGW, and we occasionally played co-op games like Portal 2. Once we figured we both have Dragon Age: Inquisition, we decided to try its multiplayer, and quickly realised that the two of us need more players if we want to win missions, and Nakari suggested that we check in TGW's discord server to see if anyone else had the game and was willing to play.

Aerlion (Birdkeeper) became a mostly regular player, as well as The grim reaper, and sometimes Benevolent thomas joined as well. I applied to be a Warden around the same time and stuck around.

Moon: That sounds really nice. Was there anything specific that made you stick around, apart from playing DA:I with other peeps in the server?

Vis: The people were super nice and fun to hang around with, and I've known quite a few of them from Libcord or from shared citizenship in TRR, so it contributed to my decision to stay.

Moon: Do you think that the community in TRR and the community here in TGW are somewhat similar in vibes, having been in both of them for a fair amount of time?

Vis: TRR tends to get more serious sometimes, but the mood is mostly still light hearted and as any visitor to our discord will testify, we're very casual in our approach to discussions, while TGW from my experience is more focused on the R/D aspect rather than community building (though it does it a lot), but it makes sense since tgw is defender first and foremost, while in TRR the RRA (the Rejected Realms Army) isn't a large part of the region.

Moon: I see, that's pretty interesting. We've got a number of Wardens who are also in TRR (including you!), so I've occasionally wondered about the community's vibes there.

Moving on, is there any particular thing that you've experienced in NS that impacted how you play this game greatly, or made you think really hard about something?

Vis: I think that the entire story over the TRR Mute Button thread and the response of the moderation team really made me to take a step back from the game, and focus more on the offline communities that I'm a part of and the friends I made here more than on the game itself.

Moon: Oh god, I remember that mess >_>

Vis: Yeah…

Moon: You've been on this hellhole of a site for over four years now. What's the best memory you had during the time you've spent here?

Vis: Hmm, need to think.

Damn, idk. I guess finding trr as a new home and taking place in the cultural stuff we usually did.

Moon: Any regrets?

Vis: Not having enough time to execute my plans as TRR’s Culture Officer.

Moon: If I recall correctly, you took over in the middle of the term, right?

Vis: No, I got elected, and right after that I had some unexpected IRL stuff, and eventually I resigned mid term seeing that I didn't have enough time.

Moon: Ahhh, definitely mixed you up with someone else >_>

We’re unfortunately running out of time here, so is there anything you would like to say to bring this interview to an end?

Vis: "Hail Pacifica"

Uh, it was fun talking to you Moon, hope you have a pleasant day ^^

Moon: You too and thanks for giving me your time of the day ^_^