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A Happy Accident?

Biological weapons are Gonswanza's best-kept secret, along with strange scientific advances in what some may deem "unholy atrocities against the very rules of nature". Alas, it has finally come to a head with what some may call "grotesque creations". These odd creatures share similar regenerative abilities as Wormfodder, but unlike them, they are not that cute... Well, not outright. They are more akin to writhing blobs of biomass, able to take on any shape and even craft their own organs at will, providing some valuable resources.

At the moment these abominations, hence (jokingly) named "Shoggoths" are to be contained in the lab for further research. But they are providing valuable data, including an unlikely way to try to treat cancer using tailor-made surgically implanted tumors that attack and eradicated the more native cancer, terminating itself in the process. Not exactly a cure, though when paired to other treatments it can prove horribly effective in saving the body.

Alas, it is also a little dubious as some experimental trials did result in lethalities in humans. But alas, science shall work on! Even with a few researchers growing fond of these living vats of biomass and going so far as to use them as co-workers due to their nature, relying on high level hazmat suits to contain them with a separate drip feed for nutrient sustenance as they work.