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by The Empire of Renaria-. . 3 reads.

Treaty of establishment of the Renarii-Tulovian Culicidaen Extinction Project

The Establishment of
The Renarii-Tulovian Culicidaen Extinction Project
The United Socialist States of Tulov, and the Empire of Renaria.

Article I - Foundation

1.1 The United Socialist States of Tulov, hereinafter referred to as the USST, representative of the Union of Zvezdovist Republics, hereinafter referred to as the UZR, and the Empire of Renaria, hereinafter referred to as Renaria, agree to the establishment and the development of the Renarii-Tulovian Culicidaen Extinction Project, hereinafter referred to as the RTCEXP, with the purpose of researching and developing a means for the full and complete extinction of all culicidae within the territories of the UZR and Renaria.

1.2 The research and development site for the RTCEXP shall rest upon the island of Eshya Zalya of Talanska Oblast, located in the Valtenerran Sea. All facilities pertaining to the RTCEXP shall be built upon Eshya Zalya, and nothing which belongs to the RTCEXP or has been developed by the RTCEXP may be removed from Eshya Zalya by either the USST or Renaria without the written permission of the other. Nothing which has been taken from the RTCEXP shall be admitted into either nation without clearing any and all safety checks and legal requirements, as solely defined within that nation's laws and regulations.

1.3 The RTCEXP shall for all intents and purposes be regarded as the property of both the USST and Renaria, and any act against it shall be taken as an act against both nations. Both nations shall be required to provide an equal amount of security to the RTCEXP.

1.4 All staff deployed to the RTCEXP shall be required to be fluent in both the Tulovian and Renarii languages, and all documents shall be properly recorded and/or translated into both languages. No official documentation may be released from the RTCEXP which is not in both Tulovian and Renarii. All members of staff shall put aside all national, political, economic, and social differences to serve at the facility, and the USST and Renaria agree to spare the RTCEXP from all political differences and repercussions, barring termination of this treaty.

Article II - Goals

2.1 The RTCEXP primary facility shall be developed and completed by no later than November of 2020.

2.2 The RTCEXP shall experiment in the field of genetic editing and engineering, with the end goal of developing an organism which targets solely culicidae, and which is genetically sterile and otherwise incapable of reproduction.

2.3 Both parties agree that any and all information developed within the RTCEXP is the property of both nations, and may not be shared with any outside nation without the mutual consent of the other.

2.4 With the mutual agreement of both the USST and Renaria, scientists from third parties may be allowed to participate in experiments or research at the RTCEXP, or that another nation may eventually be admitted to the research process, but the RTCEXP shall remain the joint property of the USST and Renaria.

Article III - Termination

3.1 Either the USST or Renaria may withdraw from this treaty at any time, upon written notice of termination to the other.

3.2 Upon notification of termination, one year shall be permitted for the division of assets and equipment, and for the withdrawal of all assets and equipment awarded to Renaria in the dissolution of the RTCEXP.

3.3 Both nations have a right to all research, information, and documentation of the RTCEXP, and both must be provided with adequate copies of all such materials, both physical and digital.

3.4 As Eshya Zalya is the territory of the USST, in the event of dissolution, whatever remains of the RTCEXP facilities shall fall by right of sovereignty to the USST.

3.5 Once all procedures and withdrawals have been completed, termination shall take place effective immediately on the three hundred and sixty fifth day since termination was declared. If the terminating party wishes to cancel termination, written notice must be sent to the other party, who shall decide whether to renew the treaty, or allow termination to finish.

This document was ratified on 2 March 2020, by the following.

Premier of the USST
Аркадий Кириллович Россович
Revolutionary Council of the USST
State Assembly - 71 - 35
Workers Assembly - 194 - 119

Empress of Renaria
𐒅𐒑𐒋𐒔𐒂𐒈 𐒈𐒐𐒂𐒗𐒈 𐒖𐒊𐒁𐒈𐒊𐒔
Imperial Senate 89 - 31
Councillors of the Empire 5-2