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Subliminal Triggers - Partial Success

From: Senior Controller XXXXX
Date: XX/XX/XX
Project: Subliminal Trigger Project (T-1)

Abstract: 10 subjects were transferred to Facility XX on date indicated above. Subjects were placed into individual experimentation rooms.

Subject 3: Administered XXXX gas through ventilation in the evening, observed the following day. Daily triggers included: Loud tapping across the walls; noise replicated from war-era dive bombers for 15 minutes every 6 hour period; a recital of the Communist Manifesto with alternating narrators.

Result: Subject did not experience any abnormalities in mental or physical functioning for 3 days. On the 4th day, subject collapsed during lunch in their cell and experienced a heart attack. This test was replicated on 2 more subjects to no results. Original subject expired on XX/XX/XX.

Conclusion: I advise that we switch objectives.