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by The Daxtastic Degeneracy of Lethodus. . 128 reads.

*yeets hat*


coughs yes, I mean howdy!

Iím Argo, or Dax, or just a mess.

A Lethomess if you will.

But Iím here to announce my candidacy for Councilor of Culture once more, extending my reign of terror for another term. If re-elected, I intend to have weekly game nights on a consistent day so people will know what days to join us for sure, as well as spontaneous and questionably scheduled game nights! If youíve made your way into the discord server, then you might have noticed that we occasionally do streams, and Iíd love to stream more shows that people are interested in as well as the movies that Emily has been streaming. And of course, it is the best time of year again, [s]flannel season[/s] fall! To commemorate this beloved and amazing season, I have a couple of Halloween and fall activities and competitions rattling around my brain that Iíd love to share with you all to get the region in the appropriate fall mood.

Sorry, Southern Hemisphere friends.

Vote for me, but if you donít thatís okay too!