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World Assembly

Today, on the very day of 15th of September 2021, sets a new historical mark for the Principality of Erlengrat, as our humble nation officially joins the World Assembly.
At 5am, Prince Henry III, Prime Minister Paul Andrias and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joel T. Denis, enter the National Air Force Jet, where they flyed to World Assembly H.Q. Later at 9am, the three of them entered the building and followed by the WA President and the Regional Delegate. The National Orchestra plays "The Harmonie of Land", the national anthem, and the document was signed. The morning was followed with speeches from the various people present and a small concert by the Orchestra. At lunch, the finest Erlengrat Spare Ribs were served, with the rulers enjoying the meal, others having the opurtunitie to talk. After that, another cerimonie where the three Erlengrat representers made their speeches and promissed full loyaltie towards to the WA. at the end of the day, the three representants got back to Erlengrat. At Home, they were received with a huge crowd waiting for them at the Ville de Erlengrat International Airport, and a cerimonie at the Palace.