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Foreign Regional Message Board Posting Standards

New Pacific Order

We have not formally regulated conduct abroad when it comes to embassy posting or visiting foreign Regional Message Boards, instead choosing to address it when it comes up, but this has ultimately proven to be an ineffective deterrent for certain behaviors. Onsite, this is due to the general populace not having an understanding of what is and isn't advisable when it comes to other regions and what is expected of you when interacting with foreigners.

If you see that a region is expressing negative sentiment to The Pacific, it is not your place to try and correct or confront them. This is behavior that is handled through official channels through interaction between members of regional leadership. Do not post negative commentary on their negative commentary. Notify a Senator in The Pacific rather than engage in hostile rhetoric.

Posting in embassy regions is not a problem, but spammy posts, posts that address comments made by members of other regions by nations that members of our region do not like, or random posts that repetitively include promotion of our region (i.e., "Hail NPO/Pacifica!" which is permissible on our message mediums) would be considered under a strict interpretation of the Civil Code of The Pacific to fall under CCV 109, which states:

109: Causing the destruction or limiting the functionality of any region’s message boards, chat rooms, or other regional infrastructure inside or outside of the NationStates realm.

Respectful behavior is very important in NationStates, even if you feel that the recipient does not deserve politeness, and it should be noted that when you are abroad, you should comply with the following policies:

1) Engaging nations that attempt to bait you over to their region is prohibited and will be considered actionable if your engagement in that region gets to a point where you have disrupted their Regional Message Board functionality and we are forced to intervene.

2) Spammy or repetitive content is not permitted in our region, and it is not appropriate to post in another region. This also falls under CCV 109 and is punishable at the discretion of the Senate.

3) Self-promotion or promotion of regional ongoings that are not authorized by the Senate are not permitted.

4) Baiting and harassment of members of other regions on the Regional Message Board through our embassies is explicitly banned. This will result in a ban from the region for a period of time determined by the severity of the offense.

5) Moving to a non-embassy region to post on their Regional Message Board uninvited is prohibited no matter the circumstance. If you have an issue with someone or something, address it through Telegram to a relevant member of said other region in a respectful manner. If the issue is related to foreign affairs, bring it to The Seeker of Power or Xoriet to be addressed through official channels.

6) Baiting members of other regions over to our Regional Message Board is not permissible. The embassies exist as a sign of mutual amiability, not as an avenue to bicker with members of other regions. Regions with which we do not have embassies are to be left alone entirely.

7) Criticizing other regions on our Regional Message Board and causing disruption and ill-will between The Pacific and that region is not acceptable. Keep any negative opinions to private channels.

Your behavior reflects on our region and can leave a bad impression no matter how many times you claim you only speak for yourself. Please ensure that your behavior creates a positive impression rather than fomenting hostility because you think it would be funny or you are annoyed with someone enough to interact with their baiting or initiate baiting yourself. Decorum is a significant force on NationStates. Don't participate in activities that convey anything less than conduct becoming of a Pacifican.

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