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New Pacific Order Citizenship

New Pacific Order

What is Citizenship?

As a part of the Pacific, you and every other Pacifican have the right to apply for NPO citizenship, and gain access to greater participation within the diverse activities and community of the region.

Benefits of Becoming a Citizen

  • This will present the opportunity to choose one or more specializations in the region's government and gain access to more engaging aspects of the region and what it has to offer.

  • You will gain access to the internal proceedings of the New Pacific Order and membership in the Body Republic, which allows you to vote in the election for the Vox Populi and propose changes or new ideas that may aid in the regional direction in the future.

  • Joining the forum leads to the path to the forumside roleplay community as well as the gameside roleplay community.

  • Becoming a Citizen grants you to access our private Discord channels.

  • Citizenship is the first step to becoming an important figure in the region and being able to dictate policy as well as help lead other Pacificans.

How do I Apply for Citizenship?

  1. LinkRegister an account on the forum. You will need to click the verification link emailed to the address you signed up with.

  2. Go to LinkAccount Settings -> Edit Profile. Enter your nation name and link then press the 'Save' button.

  3. Review our 'LinkCitizenship Application Instructions'. You can do this by clicking the link or by visiting Recipient Desk -> NationStates Applications -> Citizenship Application Instructions.

  4. LinkCreate a new topic in the NationStates Applications forum and fill out the questionnaire from the Citizenship Application Instructions.

  5. Check your application topic periodically and answer the questions asked by our admissions staff.