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Noneuropean Union Lore - Main Hub

The Noneuropean Union Lore

"Somnia Ierunt Caelum"

This document seeks to explore the history of the peoples and nations of the Noneuropean Union.
It will compile all links to all the lore factbooks and dispatches while also explaining the overall structure of the plot, the world, and the many influences.

Premise, Influence & Credits

There is no plotline or similar, although there is an actual timeline.
This world is made up of a mix between different fictional settings; all of them written into a single world named Tegarria. This world mixes nations from the games of Genshin Impact and Azur Lane; factions and organizations from the SCP Foundation mythos; and original works based on real-life nations and history.

The world is divided into 4 main continents, those being:

There also exists a series of 'non-cannonical' nations - nations that do not affect the lore. The majority of them have never been 'lore-accurate', and have been created with the intention of testing out nation types, answering more in-game Issues, etc.
The list of non-cannonical nations is as follows:


This section will contain links to all the published lore that is part of the Noneuropean Union.

Nation-specific Lore

Tales & Series

General Timeline

This timeline seeks to show the very basic events of the lore, including things that haven't been written yet; to make the world easier to understand for any potential reader.

  • ~450 million years ago: The Ordovician-Silurian extinction, caused by The One Who Is Many's arrival to Tegarria.

  • ~299 million years ago: The evolution of the Titanus Gojira species, of which only one individual remains.

  • ~70 million years ago: The natural evolution of the Homo dryadalis and the birth of the god of humankind, Adam El Asem. The Homo Dryadalis are a magically attuned humanoid species that worshipped many different gods of nature, such as Gaia, Titania, etc.

  • ~65 million years ago: The extinction of the dinosaurs.

  • ~13 million years ago: Evolution of the Homo aeternus, Homo sanguineus and Homo sapiens sapiens; all of them created by Adam El Asem.

  • ~1.5 million years ago to ~1.2 million years ago: The formation of the Kasteras Mekhanite and Sarkicist Daeva civilizations, all of their history being collected in this document.

  • ~1.4 million years ago: Founding of The Sky Kingdom of Audapaupadopolis, a nation directly ruled by Adam El Asem and his three sons.

  • ~400,000 BCE: The collapse of Audapaupadopolis, causing a massive migration of human species and the complete extinction of the Homo aeternus and Homo sanguineus. This massive migration would lead to the foundations of the modern world. Several gods such as Saraswati, Decarabian, Susanos, Thunnor, Tsaritsa, etc; would go on to form nations such as Sumerustead, Monsdtadt, Inazuma Teikoku, Shikishimagrad and more.

  • 5,000 BCE: The Archon War starts. This would lead to a massive war between most of the gods of Tegarria; including the ascension of the Electro Archon Taranis, Anemo Archon Barbatos, Geo Archon Morax, Cryo Archon The Tsaritsa, Pyro Archon Inti, Hydro Archon Eurybia and Dendro Archon Saraswati. Many other gods participated and were killed, too many to list; but there are still surviving gods such as the Cryo god Cailleach.
    This extensive war lasted for around 500 years.

  • 1,000 BCE: Formation of the Vinneh Empire in the Vynnh peninsula. This empire would last for approximately 800 years, setting in the final foundation myths for most nations of the Noneuropean continent.